Diane approaches Nick on the patio at Crimson Lights. She says he's welcome to come to her room again. Nick spots Adam and says he's not interested in his brother's leftovers. Adam tells Nick that Sharon's cause of death has been officially changed. Nick gets up, and Noah walks in. He says he saw the article about him mom and is glad. Nick breaks the news about Nikki. Noah sighs about the constant drama, but says he'll stay in town. A girl joins Noah. He introduces her as Hunter, a friend who needs a place to stay. Meanwhile, Adam teases Diane about watching Nick. Diane claims they're old news, but Adam lets her know he saw them together. He reminds her that Victor is supposed to think they're a couple. She thinks he's jealous. Adam sets her straight. Diane approaches Nick, who tells her he's not interested - not now, and not ever. Hunter asks Noah if his father liked her - she doesn't want to embarrass him.

Sharon sits at her laptop at the farm and muses that Adam cleared her name so her kids won't think she took her life. Sam appears and invites her to dinner at the house. She declines. He leaves, and she goes back to the laptop, learning that Nick and Adam worked together. Sharon imagines what it would have been like if she'd revealed herself to Adam. She reads more, and then imagines Adam being arrested for aiding and abetting a felon. Sharon tells herself they're better off without her. Sam returns and Sharon learns his wife left him. He blames himself. Sharon decides to join him for dinner after all.

Abby visits Ashley in the holding room and says she confessed to the D.A., who accused her of lying. Ashley is relieved, saying she doesn't want her in jail. Abby insists she'll knock on every cop's door until someone believes her. Ashley warns that she's just making her look more guilty. Abby storms out.

At Gloworm, Jack watches as Sofia tries to get Katherine's signature on some papers. Kay puts her off. Jack approaches her when Sofia's gone - he tells her he can start today as the CEO of Jabot. Kay chuckles at his persistence and promises to give it serious consideration.

In the courtroom, Daniel tells Daisy she has no rights. Phyllis says this could change everything. Lauren curses. Leslie says she'll start the process to reinstate Daisy's parental rights and get visitation rights for Phyllis. Vikki and Billy protest. Kevin confronts Daisy, asking if this is really what she wants. Daniel interrupts, saying this is what Phyllis wants - Daisy will be in jail. Daisy tells Daniel she'll be out before Lucy's walking. Billy and Vikki leave with Lucy. Suddenly, an absolutely livid Michael confronts Phyllis. Lauren screams at Daisy about how evil she is, and they go. Phyllis seems shaken. Leslie returns and says it's time for Daisy to surrender. Kevin says he'll go along, which peeves Daniel. Daniel then confronts Phyllis, but she turns the tables, furiously demanding to know why he feels nothing about giving his daughter away! She hopes one day he'll understand what she's doing. As Phyllis sits alone, Lauren and Michael reappear. Phyllis asks Lauren to trust what she's doing. Lauren informs her they are done.

Sofia comes to the holding room to confront Ashley - the woman who ran Tucker down. She needs to understand how Tucker could be so wrong about her. Ashley says Tucker's no fool, and it was a horrible accident. She cries that she loves him very much. Sofia apologizes, and they commiserate about Katherine. Sofia says she's turning Tucker's company upside-down. Ashley urges her to fight for what he would have wanted.

At home, Billy and Vikki agree they don't want to worry anymore. Billy assures her they won't lose Lucy. They celebrate the adoption.

Sofia returns to Gloworm and tells Katherine that Ashley doesn't belong in that cell. Katherine is offended. Sofia insists it was an accident and Tucker wouldn't want Ashley in jail. Katherine invites her to resign. Sofia questions Tucker putting her in charge. Kay informs her she's on a leave of absence effective immediately and says she's lucky she didn't fire her. Nearby, Jack tells Abby he is about to control Jabot again. She muses that cheaters and liars do come out on top. Jack sits down and tells her to start taking responsibility. She murmurs that she tried. He kisses her head and leaves.

Jack visits Ashley. She urges him to get control of Jabot and see to it that Katherine doesn't get one dime from the new line she's created!

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Katherine says, "Sit down, Jack. Things have changed."

The man whose wife is missing comes to Sam's door and shows him a photo.

Adam tells Diane she's going to help him kill Victor Newman.

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