Michael tells Abby that Ashley is back in jail at Gloworm. Abby pushes past him saying she has something important to do.

Jack visits Ashley in the holding room and tells her Tucker has stabilized - and they've ruled out foul play. Ashley rants about Katherine's actions. Jack tells her she's also offered Victoria her job at Jabot. They discuss it - Ashley wants to get out and focus on helping Tucker get well. Jack goes, and Michael comes in to go over details. Abby enters and asks to speak to her mother alone. Abby tells Ashley she remembers hitting Tucker. Ashley insists that she was driving. Abby tells her to stop lying and protecting her. They argue about whether anyone will believe Abby. Abby refuses to keep quiet, and leaves.

Lauren and Jill talk business at Crimson Lights, but Jill is distracted. She admits her mind is on a surprise cruise around Australia she's planning for Colin. He shows up and she tells him she booked a trip for them. Colin complains about the timing. Jill snaps that she didn't even tell him when it is. Lauren chats with Kevin - they both agree that they hope Phyllis is unable to stop Billy and Vikki from adopting Lucy. Lauren suggests that Kevin could help. Jill, upset with Colin, rejoins Lauren to look at sketches. She tells Lauren that Colin didn't like her surprise - she got the feeling he didn't want to go with her.

Cane joins Genevieve at her house. They bicker when he says he only cares about Lily and this all has to stop now. He declares he's going to see Colin. Genevieve warns that crazy talk like that could get him a room next to Lily's. Genevieve tries to talk him around, saying she's his mother, and loves him. He wonders why he didn't see her since Samantha's death, adding that even before that she was there, but not really there. He says he has a new family, a new life, and a new mother. Genevieve says they both needed to get away. She reminds him they both want to take Colin down. Cane says he's done talking to her, and asks her to trust him. He says they'll make sure Colin is caught in the act of trying to kidnap the children, and then all of this will be over.

In court, Rafe tells the judge that Billy and Vikki would like to immediately adopt Lucy with the full consent of Daniel Romalotti. The judge doesn't think Daniel's had time to think it through. Billy talks to the judge about what they have to offer. He admits that he cut corners by using a baby broker, but says he wants to make it right. Daniel is forced to admit that his mother is against the adoption, but Kevin speaks up, saying he is the baby's uncle. They all try to stop him from talking, but the judge lets Kevin speak. He says the best place for Lucy is with Billy and Victoria. The judge takes a recess. Daniel thanks Kevin. Michael arrives and Jack fills him in on Kevin's testimony. Billy and Vikki thank Kevin too. Jack mentions Jabot to Victoria. She gets a call from JT about Reed's visit. Billy tells Jack that Vikki's not taking Kay's offer. The judge returns and says she'll allow the adoption to move forward. The documents are signed and Lucy is handed over. Victoria thanks everyone. Lauren arrives and Michael tells her it's over - there is now no reason for Phyllis to lure Daisy back to town.

Phyllis is startled by Daisy in her penthouse. Daisy thinks Phyllis should be happy to see her - she did issue an invitation with her blog. They look at a picture of Lucy. Phyllis tells her that the judge terminated her parental rights. Daisy seems surprised. Phyllis reminds her she abandoned the child and stayed away. Daisy wonders why she wants to help her, and asks what she has to do in return. Phyllis says, "Turn yourself in." Phyllis sketches out how Daisy will get off her charges and she will get Lucy. Daisy insists she won't walk away from her daughter. Phyllis gets Leslie Michaelson over. She calls the D.A. and arranges for Daisy to turn herself in. Phyllis warns Daisy not to mess with her. Daisy tells her to get over herself and demands to go see her daughter.

In the park, Cane poses as Caleb and tries to push Colin into going ahead with the kidnapping. Colin says it should be happening the next day. He gets a call that confirms it. He tells Cane they'll use a private air strip, and he'll get more information as he needs it.

Jill meets Colin at Gloworm. He apologizes for acting like a donkey's patoot earlier. He explains that certain members of his family don't think he's paid enough for his tax transgressions. She forgives him.

Cane goes back to meet with Genevieve who tells him she has all the details for tomorrow - she cloned Colin's cellphone. She says he plans to leave from the air strip on that estate, adding that she's been watching him for awhile now - that's why she moved into that house. Cane is impressed. She says she can't wait to be face-to-face with Colin.

At Gloworm, Abby tells the D.A. that she is the one who hit Tucker, not her mother.

Still at the courthouse, Lauren tells Michael they should plan a celebration. They agree not to invite Phyllis. Lauren and Michael happily join the others. Suddenly, Phyllis appears with Daisy. She announces that Daisy is there to get her parental rights reinstated.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Diane says to Adam, "Sticking it to Victor is the only reason?" Adam smirks, "You think I'm crushing on you?"

Katherine tells Sofia she will be more than happy to accept her letter of resignation.

Lauren freaks out at Daisy in the courtroom.

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