When Abby orders a drink from Deacon at the bar, he invites her to join him at an AA meeting. She declines.

Ashley calls for help from Tucker's hospital room. Kay bursts in and hollers that she's not supposed to be in there alone!

Nikki and Victor arrive at the rehab facility. Victor muses that it seems very nice and hugs Nikki for reassurance. He tells her she'll get through this. Nikki worries about letting Katherine know, and what people will think. Victor says she's doing a positive thing. He talks about how she sent Ashley to find him in Paris - it was an act of love. They embrace and he gives her a bracelet with the Chinese symbol for strength. They say farewell.

At home, Vikki discusses Victor coming through for Nikki with Nick and Billy. Vikki takes a call from Katherine about Tucker. She is stunned when Kay asks her to be the CEO of Jabot. Vikki asks for time, and then fills in Billy and Nick. Billy hopes she's not going to accept the position. Nick goes. Billy reminds Victoria that they need to focus on Lucy. They bicker. Vikki laments how their life together has turned out.

Phyllis coaches Daniel on how to hold Lucy at his apartment. He's not keen on her input. Rafe arrives and says the court is set to terminate Daisy's parental rights today. He leaves, and Phyllis asks Daniel what he's going to do when he has full custody. Daniel says Billy and Victoria will raise Lucy. Phyllis thinks this mistake will haunt him. Daniel says it's not her choice, and warns her about alienating everyone - including Lucy.

Jack joins Michael at Gloworm. He asks when the Newman IPO will happen. Michael makes a jibe about Jack wanting to be CEO of Jabot. Jack says he's looking out for his family's interests. Abby joins them. Suddenly, Jack gets a call from Ashley explaining what's happened at the hospital. Jack says they're on their way. After they leave, Phyllis walks in. Nick appears and confronts Phyllis about trying to take his sister's baby away. He blabs about Vikki being offered the CEO position at Jabot and instantly regrets it.

In Tucker's hospital room, Ashley explains that she did nothing to him. Katherine hisses that she has zero access now. Jack and Michael arrive and Katherine angrily explains her side. The D.A. appears and gets chewed out by Kay. Ashley talks to Michael and Jack. As they turn to leave, the D.A. tells Ashley she's under arrest. Abby arrives as Tucker is wheeled back into his room. Michael follows Ashley, but is impeded by Phyllis wanting to talk about Lucy. He tells her firmly to forget it! Phyllis then asks Jack to talk to Daniel. Jack says he made the best choice for everyone. Phyllis blurts that Victoria was offered the CEO position at Newman. Jack is thrown, but still maintains she is wrong about Lucy. Meanwhile, the doctor tells Katherine that there was no foul play where Tucker's setback was concerned. Abby appeals to Katherine on Ashley's behalf. Katherine tells her she's partly responsible.

Daniel arrives at Billy and Victoria's door with Lucy. He tells them he has news. Rafe joins them and they all happily discuss the prospect of the court granting Daniel full custody, and Billy and Victoria adopting Lucy legally.

In the courtroom, Ashley explains to the judge why she was in Tucker's hospital room. She pleads with him to allow her to spend time with her fiance. The judge revokes her bond - she has to stay in jail. Jack comes in and tells her to hang in there. Outside, Billy, Vikki, Rafe, and Daniel wait for family court to start. Vikki tells Billy she won't take the job at Jabot. As they kiss, Phyllis appears. The go inside, where the judge terminates Daisy's rights and grants custody to Daniel.

Abby returns to the bar at Gloworm and chats with Deacon. Nick appears and warns her about talking to him, saying he's the reason Nikki is back in rehab. Abby tells him not to boss her around. Suddenly, she flashes back to driving in the accident. She gasps, "It was me!"

In the holding room, Michael tells Ashley to review the events of that night in case she remembers any new details.

Jack returns to the hospital, where Katherine mentions Ashley being in jail. He confronts her about offering Vikki the CEO position at Jabot. He spits that he thought she was his father's dear friend! Katherine says Ashley brought this on herself, and Vikki is an Abbott.

Daisy lets herself into Phyllis's penthouse and looks at a photo of Lucy, saying, "Hey little one, Mommy's home."

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Kevin tells the court, "I never supported this adoption." Daniel rolls his eyes.

Genevieve warns Cane that talk like that could get him a room right next to Lily's.

Daisy tells Phyllis she thought she'd be happy to see her - it was an invitation on her blog.

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