Paul joins Katherine in Tucker's room. He tells her Tucker's lawyers in London will go through his files there. He suggests they look at his files here as well, in hopes of finding a clue about his son.

Ashley enters Tucker's office and talks to a framed photo of him. Katherine and Paul arrive, discussing how to uncover the identity of Tucker's son. Ashley shows herself, asking, "Tucker has a son?" Katherine confronts her about being there. Ashley defends herself, and says she can't believe Tucker never told her about his son. Katherine thinks it's telling that Tucker didn't confide in her. Ashley counters that if Tucker was distrustful of women, it's thanks to her abandoning him. She questions Kay not believing that what happened was an accident. Katherine muses that she has a history of instability - she must keep her distance from Tucker and his affairs. Ashley goes, and Paul gets a call saying the first time Tucker's son was mentioned in paperwork was twenty years ago. Katherine finds part of a letter that says, "You didn't keep your will never see your son." Paul keeps it for forensics.

At home, Billy asks Vikki if she's okay. She says she's having a serious case of the 'what ifs'. Billy tries to reassure her. Nick arrives and Vikki tells him about the latest, including Phyllis's blog. They discuss Phyllis - Nick warns them to be prepared for anything. The conversation turns to celebrating Nikki's birthday - Vikki wants to put all the focus on her.

Nikki asks Victor to leave the park, but he sits beside her and says he'll help her. She cries that she's so sorry. He says it's a disease, and apologizes for pushing her away. He promises to get her the help she needs. They embrace. She tells him she's supposed to be at Victoria's for lunch. Victor decides they'll go together and explain.

Devon visits Lily at the sanitarium. She says she hasn't been honest about how screwed up she's been. She tells him the tale of how she'd been seeing Cane regularly. Devon wonders why she hasn't seen him there - he thinks things will get better now.

In her house, Genevieve argues with Cane about Lily. She says she's not trustworthy, and warns him to stick to the plan. She tells Cane that Lily will eventually forgive him. She reminds him it's lucky for him that Caleb got to him before she did. Cane recalls Caleb coming to Genoa City and telling him their father wants him to raise the twins. Genevieve clucks at Caleb showing up at the wedding not realizing he was walking into a bullet. Genevieve adds that there was no good in him. Genevieve assures Cane she knows how Colin's mind works - they will anticipate and counter. Cane worries about wildcards. Genevieve reminds him that she found Caleb, and she rescued him. Cane thinks back and remembers, but says he won't use his kids as bait. Genevieve insists the kids aren't at risk since Colin considers them his legacy. She says Colin needs to be convicted of a crime here in the States. She tells Cane to take Caleb's identity to protect his family. He says if they are in danger all bets are off. Genevieve lets him know that it hurt her that he replaced her with Jill.

Jill and Colin have the twins on the patio at Crimson Lights. Jill comments on him playing the doting grandfather. Colin says there's something about these two that brings it out in him.

Nikki and Victor arrive at Victoria's house. Nick realizes something is wrong. Nikki tells them she's been drinking and is going back to rehab after lunch. Vikki and Nick are supportive. Nikki is pleased that they're all still a family. As Billy and Vikki cut the cake, she thanks him for being helpful. He chuckles that Victor's been on his best behavior - he's not pushing it. Nikki tells Vikki she knows she and Billy will be fine while she's gone. Victor tells Nikki it's time to go - the jet is waiting for them - he's going with her until she gets settled.

Colin visits Lily and shows her photos of the twins at the zoo. Lily talks about taking them to Australia to see where their daddy grew up. Colin muses he's going to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Ashley sneaks into Tucker's hospital room and talks to him about his having a son. She asks him to wake up and come back to them. She tells him what people are saying isn't true. Suddenly, Tucker codes.

In the park, Colin gives photos of the twins to a man who will get him fake Australian passports.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

At rehab, Victor assures Nikki she'll get through this.

Billy asks Victoria if they're really at that point where they have to wonder if they're going to make it or not.

The D.A. arrives at the hospital to arrest Ashley.

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