Chloe talks to Kevin about her custody case at Crimson Lights. He asks if she's sure she wants to pursue it. Chloe says Billy's blended family is a hot mess. She meets with Heather's replacement and tells him Billy is reckless - he bought a baby on the black market.

Nikki walks into Gloworm talking to Vikki on the phone - she agrees to meet for lunch later, and lies that she's getting a mani/pedi. Nikki sits down and orders a drink. Victor appears and tells her to keep her speculation about Abby to herself. They bicker. Nikki says he forgot her birthday and walks out. Victor thinks back on Nikki remembering his birthday and sighs.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Phyllis writes a farewell blog to the readers of Restless Style, adding that she stands by every word of her last article. She trashes Daisy again, trying to lure her to respond. She goes inside and tells Chloe that Billy fired her.

At Vikki's house, Daniel asks her to watch Lucy while he runs some errands. She thanks him again for doing this. Billy and Rafe enter. They explain that the judge was impressed that Billy made an effort to explain the violation of the gag order. Billy adds that he swore it wouldn't happen again. As Daniel is about to leave, Kevin comes in to see his niece. Billy tells Lucy if she ever needs acorns to ask Uncle Kevin, but then lets him hold her. Just then, Billy realizes Phyllis hacked into the website and posted another blog. Rafe says this isn't good. Even Kevin is unable to help Billy delete the blog. Rafe advises that Daniel and Lucy move off the premises - just until he gets full custody. Vikki and Billy say goodbye. Daniel leaves, and Kevin says he managed to delete the blog. Vikki lashes out at Billy, yelling, "What is wrong with you!" She leaves, and Rafe gives Billy a pep talk. Billy goes to log on to the site and a spots a pop up for online gambling.

In the park, Nikki looking disheveled, drinks and sighs, "Happy birthday to me." She makes her way to the AA meeting where Deacon is speaking to the group, admitting he's been struggling. She claps and shouts, "Bravo!" She tells everyone that he helped push her off the wagon by spiking her drinks. Deacon tries to stop her from going off on him, but she says she has a right to be there - she's a drunk! Deacon looks appalled as Nikki takes to the podium to announce that the meetings are ridiculous. She trashes the program and then turns on Deacon again before leaving.

Phyllis is typing away at her laptop on the patio when Vikki appears and slams the top down, almost on her fingers. They argue over her blog entry. Vikki tells Phyllis that Daniel and Lucy had to move because of it. Phyllis tells Vikki she has no say where Lucy's concerned. Vikki says neither does she. Chloe interrupts and Vikki leaves. Phyllis tells Chloe she wants Lucy with her biological family. Chloe goes back to finish up with her lawyer as Kevin returns. Kevin tells Chloe she's making a mistake trying to take Delia away from Billy - he's a good dad. He wonders if she is just trying to prove a point to Billy, and if she still has a thing for him. Chloe says he put on his big boy pants when he married Victoria, but he makes reckless and irresponsible decisions all the time.

Daniel settles in with Lucy at his apartment. They go out shopping and return. They are playing when Vikki arrives to visit. Phyllis arrives right after her. They have a confrontation and Daniel ends up telling them both to go. Daniel tells Lucy they should stop answering the door - who knows who will show up next.

In a bus station, Daisy looks at her ticket, which is one way from Saskatoon to Genoa City.

Victor answers the ranch door to Deacon, who says they need to talk. Victor shuts the door in his face. Deacon tries again. He tells Victor that Nikki is spiraling out of control - if he turns his back on her she might not make it. Victor dismisses him.

Nikki plants herself back on the park bench and cries. Victor appears and they look at each other.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Paul looks on as Katherine and Ashley have a confrontation.

Cane tells Genevieve he will not use his kids as bait.

Colin holds Charlie and says, "Oh I have such plans for you."

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