While waiting to meet their wedding planner, Ashley tells Tucker that she hates to admit it, but the wedding will be a happier occasion without Abby there. Jenni the wedding planner arrives, and they go through the details. Tucker has arranged for the New York Philharmonic to play at their wedding. Ashley is stunned. Jenni gets called away. Ashley and Tucker joke about their vows and kiss. Tucker tells her he's waited his whole life to get married - he was waiting for her.

Abby and Jack discuss their respective break-ups at the Abbott Mansion. Billy comes downstairs and Abby says she heard about Lucy. Billy leaves. Abby muses that the Abbotts are batting a thousand in the unhappy couples department. Jack says, "Not quite." He broaches the topic of Ashley's wedding. Abby insists she's not going.

Daniel joins Phyllis at Crimson Lights. He says he hasn't talked to Kevin or Chloe, but can't believe Jana is dead. Phyllis is glad everyone's safe. Daniel muses that Lucy isn't home yet. Phyllis asks if he's sure he can give her up, and talks about the possibility of him getting temporary custody. Daniel says he won't feel any different, and reminds her that Billy is her friend. Phyllis says Lucy belongs with them, and asks him not to let this chance slip through his fingers.

At Vikki's house, Nikki updates Victor by phone on their daughter's rough night. She hangs up as Vikki comes downstairs. She wonders about Lucy. Nikki says Billy must be thinking about her too. Vikki says he caused this, and asks to be alone. She sits thinking about Lucy. When Billy comes home after being at the Club alone, she embraces him at the door. They discuss their concern for Lucy. Billy tells Vikki he wanted to be with her last night. Vikki says she was wrong to think it would be better without him. They agree that their biggest obstacle is Phyllis's blood connection to Lucy. Billy says the pieces fell into place for them, because Lucy was meant to be their daughter.

At the ranch, Diane asks Victor to talk to her about Vikki. He says it's a family matter. Michael arrives, and Victor dismisses Diane. Victor tells Michael he's heard about him representing Phyllis with regard to Lucy - that can't happen. He tells Michael if he helps Phyllis take Victoria's child away, he will no longer work for him.

Jack opens his door to Diane, who says she had to see him. Abby scoffs when Diane says it's about Kyle, noting that being married wouldn't stop her. Abby leaves. Diane tells Jack she'd like Kyle to spend more time there. He asks if there's trouble in paradise. Diane tells him she's tried to make it work, but she feels lost. Jack says she knew what she was in for - the name, status, and money. Diane says it's not enough. Jack suggests she let Victor know then.

Michael meets Phyllis at Gloworm. She confirms that she's hoping Daniel will decide to fight for custody, and she wants him to represent them. Michael informs her that he cannot do that - as of now he is no longer her attorney. She realizes that Victor is behind his decision. Michael says Billy and Victoria are good parents and she can't make up for what she lost by pushing Daniel into this. Phyllis says he's hurting her. Michael apologizes and exits. Nikki comes in and Phyllis snarks about people bending to Victor's will. Nikki goes and Jack comes in. He overhears Phyllis hiring Leslie Michaelson to help her fight for Lucy. Jack tells Phyllis she's wrong to do this - she'll have to take on Billy, Victoria, Victor, and him.

Daniel approaches Abby at the Club bar. She invites him to sit down, and they discuss Ashley's wedding. Daniel wonders why she let Tucker get to her, and then confronts her about her scene at Gloworm. He's not very sympathetic, pointing out that he's got bigger problems. Abby thinks he's calling her a spoiled brat, confirms that they are over, and exits.

Nikki goes to the ranch and tells Victor that Phyllis is pretty upset. She knows he did this for Victoria. Nikki remarks on the Newman family being fragile and strong at the same time. She moves to go, but Victor asks her to stay and kisses her. Diane comes home and finds them in bed together. She snaps a photo with her phone and slips out.

Michael pays Billy and Victoria a visit to tell them he will not represent Phyllis, and he hopes Lucy comes home soon. They thank him. Victoria wonders if Victor was behind it. Billy says it doesn't matter.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis tells Nick that Daniel's baby is none of his business. Nick tells her to sit down - she's not walking away from him right now.

Nikki says to Kay, "I still want him." Kay asks, "Deacon?" Nikki replies, "Victor."

Jack tells Billy and Victoria that when Phyllis is like this they should prepare for all out war.

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