Skye rants about the fallout from the article in their room. Adam tells her it's not her problem. She begs to differ, saying they have to play the doting couple. Skye insists they need to show it was a smear job by appearing to be madly in love. Adam asks why he should do anything for her. She tells him to do it for himself.

Vance and Jack chat about Abby's lawsuit in the Club bar area. Jack dreams out loud about Victor losing big.

Nick tells Victoria at her house that suing their dad is making it about money - that's never been her. He thinks if she pushes Victor hard enough she could lose everything. Victoria urges Nick to join the lawsuit. He refuses, saying it's Victor's money, not theirs. Victoria stresses that this is about being able to breathe - she's already lost so much because of Victor! Abby comes in and urges Nick to wise-up. He maintains that this war is wrong and he's on the other side from them. He leaves. Vance arrives and warns that they can win, but only if neither of them lets anyone sway them. He shows them the figure he wants to sue for - they are stunned.

Sharon is reading Restless Style at the coffee house when Phyllis appears over her shoulder. Sharon thinks about Adam saying he hates Skye. Sharon and Phyllis have a snarky exchange, and Phyllis accuses Sharon of defending Adam. Sharon says Phyllis and Skye are both trash. Phyllis offers to set her up with Deacon - he's the only man she hasn't slept with in Genoa City. Jack appears and notes that the article will get under Adam's skin. Sharon says she's not sure Adam cares about him and Skye sleeping together. She warns Jack this could blow up in his face before leaving. Phyllis and Jack decide to go to Gloworm to celebrate her return. She asks him to go to her place instead. He says, "Lead the way."

At the Ranch, Victor informs Michael he has to put an end to Abby and Victoria's nonsense. Nikki, sipping a spiked drink from Meggie, comments that his dismissive attitude is the whole problem. Victor is incensed at the idea he would back down. As they argue, Meggie watches. Michael tells Victor that settling is his best option. Nikki is outraged when Victor maintains his position. She leaves the house with Meggie on her heels. Michael continues to try to make Victor see sense. He gets a text from Vance, saying the girls are suing for three billion dollars. Victor walks out the door.

Skye and Adam go downstairs to the dining room to meet an investor. They tell him the article in Restless Style is all lies and kiss. Sharon walks in and sees. Nick appears with Faith. Sharon notes that Adam and Skye's affection is strategic. As Skye and Adam continue their display, Sharon seems mesmerized. Nick suggests they leave. Adam watches as they go.

Victoria and Abby are still strategizing with Vance when Victor shows up at Vikki's door. He asks the girls if they're out of their minds, and calls Vance scum. Victoria clarifies that they're not being manipulated by Vance, who takes his cue to leave. Victor orders them to drop the lawsuit and they'll work things out. Victoria says that's not possible - they don't trust him. Victor shouts that they're greedy and spoiled, and warns that whatever comes next, they've brought on themselves! After, Abby is terrified. Victoria insists they have to stick together, but warns it could be a long haul.

Nikki sits at the bar in Gloworm and orders a vodka tonic. Meggie watches. Nikki orders another, and Deacon appears. He says he hopes that's straight tonic. She tells him to mind his business. Deacon offers advice, and she tells him to take his serenity prayer and stick it. Deacon learns that Nikki is on her third drink and asks what made her slip. Nikki tells him it's because of him seducing Victoria, who is now unrecognizable! Deacon takes her keys and insists on driving her home.

Phyllis and Jack arrive at the Penthouse and share a champagne toast. Jack flirts and Phyllis says they agreed not to do that. Jack can't remember why. Phyllis cites their friendship. Jack says he needs to go. They thank each other and he goes. Soon there is a knock. Phyllis opens the door to Jack, who huskily says, "Hi." They make out and head upstairs.

Back at Sharon's house, Nick decides that Phyllis and Adam are all about drama, and they should cut them out completely. After they eat, Nick gets ready to go and kisses Faith and Sharon. He invites her to the Harvest Festival and she accepts.

Victor meets Michael back at the Ranch. Michael reiterates that if they don't get a good outcome in court, Newman may have to go public. Victor says that will never happen - they'll fight and win. As they go into the study, Deacon ushers a tipsy Nikki through the door. Meggie appears, and Deacon says she was sick. Nikki lurches upstairs, and Victor thanks Deacon for helping his wife. Once alone, Meggie beams!

Skye gets affectionate with Adam in their suite and he orders her to keep her hands to herself. She angrily leaves.

Tomorrow's Genoa City spoilers for The Young and the Restless:

Kevin looks at a bag of money, and Jeff says it's just the beginning!

Adam tells Sharon she knows in her heart there is a connection between them!

Skye goes to Phyllis's penthouse to ask her to print a retraction about her sleeping with Jack. Jack emerges, shirtless, and asks why she would do that - it's true!

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