Abby and Victoria discuss how brutal Victor has been acting at Vikki's house. Victoria is about to sign the paperwork when Noah, Faith, and Nick arrive. Nick says it's Faith's birthday. He hopes they can put their feelings about Victor aside to come to the party.

At the Ranch, Nikki tells Victor that Sharon called to say the rocking horse was delivered. She remarks that they don't have to go to the party. Victor says he promised Nick he would be there and not argue with his sisters.

Adam meets with Vance on the patio at Crimson Lights. Vance feels they probably won't re-open the case against him. Adam says they're squeezing Skye. Vance says she can testify against him if she wants to - he should keep her happy.

Ashley and Sharon meet at the counter in Crimson Lights. Sharon asks Ashley to the birthday party, and says one day she will tell Faith about the first six months of her life. Ash says she'll think about it. Just then, Adam appears. Vance urges him to leave them alone. Ashley informs him it was one year ago that Adam duped them. Adam begs for their forgiveness, but Vance pulls him away.

Jack sits down with Skye at the Club and shows her the Restless Style article online. She reads how she's shagging the co-CEO of Jabot, and that Adam is in love with his ex-wife. They discuss how bad it is for the hedge fund. Jack points out Skye wasn't subtle in front of Phyllis, and she's the new Editor-in-Chief!

At Restless Style, Phyllis is thrilled about selling Skye down the river, but Billy only dislikes Adam. Skye storms in and demands they pull the article immediately! Billy says he told her anything he found was fair game. Phyllis says Jack confirmed their affair. Skye goes, and Phyllis learns the financial channel is running with the story. Billy decides they'll celebrate with champagne.

Vikki, Nick, Noah, Summer, and Faith arrive at Sharon's place. Jana drops Reed off, and is asked to stay. Sharon comes in and they remark on being together as a family. Noah says to enjoy it while they can - you never know what's next in this family! Abby shows up and Nikki and Victor follow. He gives her a word of warning outside the door, which Ashley overhears. They head inside. Ash holds Faith. The party continues and Ashley gifts Faith with a guardian angel and photo album from the beginning of her life. Abby picks back up with Victor, saying she deserves her money. He says she's proven she's not ready. The kids are sent outside. Vikki gets in Victor's face next. She informs him she's joining Abby's lawsuit. Nikki is upset. Vikki tells Nick he should get in on it. Sharon reminds them it's Faith's birthday. Abby and Vikki apologize and leave. Nick tells Victor he's disappointed in his family. Nikki and Victor leave and she tells him he pushed Victoria too far. He bets Billy's behind it. Ash joins them. She warns Victor that he lost Faith and if he doesn't stop things with Abby he'll lose her too. Still inside, Sharon and Nick reflect on the day. She mentions seeing Adam earlier, saying he had the nerve to apologize. Nick urges her to stay away from him. They admire Faith sleeping.

Back in his room at the Club, Vance reads Adam the riot act. He tells him to lay low and get his act together - he and Skye shouldn't draw any unnecessary attention to themselves. Adam wishes he could go back in time and fix everything. He laments ever hurting Ashley and Sharon.

Skye finds Jack at the Club and goes off on him, saying she has to do damage control thanks to him! She storms off and Ashley joins Jack. They talk about Faith, and then about Abby's lawsuit. Jack learns that Victoria joined her.

Vikki joins Billy at Restless Style. She briefs him on Faith's birthday party. Suddenly, she leaps up and pleads with him not to publish any of what she told him. Phyllis appears and they show Vikki the Skye article. She reads, and then asks for champagne. They toast to success.

Skye bursts into her room and tells Adam, "We have a problem!" Adam tells her he warned her not to do the article, adding that she'll have to handle it.

Abby meets Vance on the patio at the coffee house and tells him Victoria has signed on. Vance grins, and tells her bringing Victoria on board just upped her chances big!

Back at the Ranch, Victor tells Nikki those girls won't see any of that money. Nikki says his words have hurt them. Victor counters that they are spoiled brats - let's see how they'll do without his money and help.

Tomorrow's Genoa City spoilers for The Young and the Restless:

Deacon sees Nikki at the bar and says, "I hope that's plain tonic." She winces.

Victoria tells Nick there's plenty of room on that lawsuit for one more plaintiff.

Michael warns if they go to court and lose, Newman Enterprises may cease to exist as they know it!

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