Adam shows up at Sharon's place. He tells her that marrying Skye was a monumental mistake. Sharon tries to understand why he did it. Adam confides that he hates her! He tells Sharon it's comforting to be near her and asks her not to push him away. Adam tells Sharon he misses her. He complains that he can't divorce Skye, and is in love with Sharon, whom he can't have. Sharon offers to help him rid himself of Skye. Noah phones, and Adam checks on the baby. Sharon becomes upset. She tells him tomorrow is Faith's birthday - one year since he stole her. She kicks him out and cries.

At Gloworm, Gloria complains when Jeff gives a table their meal on the house. Jeff tells her to relax. Billy is at the bar struggling to use his new phone. Gloria encourages him to delegate to get the job done.

Chloe comes into Crimson Lights and exclaims at the sight of Kevin's extreme spray tan. He admits he and the spray tan girl hooked up last night. Jana walks in, followed by Daniel, who asks Kevin why he's orange. Chloe laughs that he's dating a spray tan artist. Kevin is shaken to hear that Jana is teaching Delia. Jana tells Kevin she hates that she ruined what they had. Kevin asks why she won't sign the divorce papers. Jana says she did - it's official. Kevin hopes she has a good life. She leaves. Chloe and Daniel, off to the side, discuss Chance's death and her regrets. Daniel asks if she's hooked up with Kevin. Chloe says they're just pals. Daniel hopes they can keep their feelings out of it. Kevin walks over and says he's a free man. Chloe steps away and Daniel teases Kevin about her. Kevin gets a call from Gloria - she needs him.

Jack finds Phyllis on the patio at the coffee house. She complains about having nothing to put in her blog. Skye walks in and waves to Jack. Phyllis says she spoke too soon! Skye comes over and crows about being in Restless Style before leaving. Phyllis narrows her eyes at Jack and accuses him of sleeping with her. Jack admits it, adding that Adam knows. Phyllis is concerned. Just then, Billy walks in all frazzled and asks if either of them wants to buy a magazine. He explains that he needs to be home with Vikki because she miscarried. Phyllis suggests he hire her back at Restless Style. Chloe appears and Billy gives her trouble for not working enough. She leaves, and Phyllis remarks that Chloe was great when they worked together. Billy concedes she's going through a lot. Jack excuses himself, and Phyllis sells herself to Billy. He hires her as Editor-in-Chief.

Ronan goes to the Chancellor Estate to see Nina who welcomes him. He says he brought the contents of Chance's locker. She asks him to stay while she goes through the box, saying she has dreamed of the day they could get to know one another. Ronan suggests that she not get her hopes up. Nina concedes she can't force him to have a relationship. He says his work makes it hard. She asks for the real reason. Ronan admits he's not ready. In the box, Nina finds her book about searching for Ronan and realizes Chance was trying to find him too. Chloe walks in and asks why Ronan is there. She wants him out of the house. Nina says he's her son and she won't turn her back on him. Chloe can't forgive him. Ronan leaves and Nina gives him the book and a hug. Nina turns back to Chloe, who has found Delia's picture in Chance's things.

Billy and Phyllis go to Restless Style where he announces to the staff that she's back. Billy shows her the piece on Skye. Phyllis suggests they add that she's sleeping with his brother. Billy chokes and says Jack will kill them. Phyllis feels he'll love sticking it to Adam. Daniel comes in and Phyllis asks him to doctor a photo of Skye and Adam.

Skye walks into Gloworm and asks Jeff to invest. He passes. Jack joins her at her table and learns the fund is up 250%. She adds that the Restless Style article will make things even better. They leave as Kevin comes in. Gloria asks him to look at Gloworm's books since Jeff's giving freebies. Kevin looks and then tells Jeff he knows he's laundering money out of Gloworm. Kevin threatens to tell Gloria if he doesn't level with him.

Jana arrives at the daycare. She works with Delia and tells her about how she used to be married to Kevin. She asks Delia to help her get Kevin back.

At Skye's room, Jack dresses and she remarks that she doesn't care if Adam knows about them, as long as investors don't find out. Jack jots down some figures from her computer, then tells her he's glad the numbers are legit.

Ronan sits at Crimson Lights reading Nina's book and Chance's notations in the margin.

Chloe goes to Gloworm and finds Kevin. She tells him Ronan is back and she'll need some cheering up tonight. Gloria tells Kevin he's a good guy. Kevin tells her the books look okay. He then goes to inform Jeffrey he will be doing the money laundering from now on - he has to get Crimson Lights back!

Tomorrow's Genoa City spoilers for The Young and the Restless:

Adam remarks to Vance that it's good a wife can't testify against her husband. Vance says she can if she wants to!

Skye tells Billy and Phyllis they will not get away with this!

Victoria officially joins Abby's lawsuit.

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