Christine encounters Michael at Crimson Lights, but tells him she's meeting someone. She walks over to Ronan and asks him about reaching out to Nina. She wants a promise that he'll allow a connection to happen. Meanwhile, Nina and Phillip are on the patio. Ronan spots them and looks cautious. Christine urges him to talk to her, but he reminds her that Nina has to pretend to hate him. He leaves, and Nina and Phillip join Christine. Paul comes in to get coffee and chats briefly. Chris notes the awkwardness, and Nina admits she dumped Paul. Chris tells Nina that she's leaving town, and Ronan is back in Genoa City. Nina asks how she can find him, then senses Chris is stalling. She warns that Ronan doesn't let people in easily. Nina gets upset and they bicker. Chris urges her to lean on Paul. Nina says her advice is crappy.

Cane greets Lily enthusiastically upon his arrival at home. She tells him she'll make him a steak - the ones from down under. Cane asks if she ate them, then orders her to throw them out right now! He fibs that he heard a rumor there was a mad cow outbreak in Australia. He heads out with the box of meat and Lily tells him to hurry back from his errands.

Mac pulls a pregnancy test out of a bag at home. J.T. chides her that it's a bit early for that. Grinning, she heads off to the washroom. She emerges moments later, and is beaming. J.T. can't believe it! They embrace and discuss whether to tell or not. They're very excited.

Billy fusses over Vikki in their living room. She says a D&C is routine after a miscarriage and she'll just need a restful day. The doorbell rings - Billy opens the door to Victor. He says he's there to see Victoria. She hollers to let him in, then sends Billy away. Victor tells her certain facts have changed since she married Billy. She blurts that she was pregnant - now she's not. Victor says he can get her out of the marriage. Billy calls to check in. She says her father is leaving. Victor says he doesn't want to leave her, but she angrily orders him to go.

Abby comes into the coffee house and greets Michael. She asks how psycho her dad is behaving over her serving him papers. Michael's in the dark. She explains, and urges Michael to encourage Victor to settle. He chuckles. She informs him the case is solid gold and she won't lose. He leaves Victor a message and then joins Chris on the patio. He wonders why they haven't spent time together since she's been back. Chris says she couldn't risk exposing the information she was trying to protect. Michael is put out to hear she's leaving. He kisses her cheek and goes. Chris calls Paul to meet her.

Paul is at Heather's office when Ronan comes in. They agree to share the work space while Heather's in court. They discuss Ronan revamping the GCPD. Paul offers advice. Ronan steps out and Paul calls someone to meet him. J.T. arrives before long. Paul asks him how it's going with Tucker, and suggests that they need him at the GCPD as a civilian consultant. Ronan returns, and Paul leaves. J.T. and Ronan discuss the issue. Ronan needs the best. J.T. says, "Let's talk."

Billy runs into Mac outside Lily's door and realizes pretty quickly that she's pregnant. Lily opens the door and offers congratulations! Mac and Lily go sit on the couch and giggle about babies while Billy visits the twins in the other room. When he rejoins them, he has to tell them Vikki's pregnancy didn't work out. Mac talks with Billy while Lily checks the twins. Billy admits he's upset, but feels he has to be strong for Vikki.

Abby shows up at Victoria's as Victor is leaving. She hides until he's gone, then goes inside. She embraces Victoria. Abby admits that she hid so Victor wouldn't see her. Vikki laughs. Abby says she is suing him again and explains why. Victoria thinks she can help her. Billy comes home, and Vikki informs him things are going to get worse with her dad - they're both suing him!

Cane is with Phillip at the Club. He tells him about the steaks, stressing that Lily could have been poisoned! He has to protect his family.

Cane gets home with takeout and Lily tells him a package came for him. She takes the babies for a walk and Cane finds a DVD in the package - the footage shows someone has been watching Lily. Suddenly he hears her call for help outside! It's just a baby situation and they all come inside. Cane hides the DVD. The person is watching.

J.T. arrives home to find Mac scarfing down pizza. He tells her about his career change.

Paul comes in to Crimson Lights expecting to meet Chris, but Nina is there. They realize she set them up. Ronan walks in, but leaves before they see him. Nina apologizes to Paul and she agrees to join him for coffee. Chris spies from outside.

Michael pays Victor a visit about Abby's lawsuit. Victor thinks it will go away like it did the first time.

Tomorrow's Genoa City spoilers for The Young and the Restless:

Adam tells Sharon he's married to a woman he doesn't care about, and in love with a woman he cannot have!

Nina tells Ronan she dreamed of the day she would find her son. He suggests she not get her hopes up.

Kevin, who has an extreme spray tan, tells Jeff he knows that he's been laundering money out of Gloworm!

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