Jack runs into Skye and Adam at the Club. Jack learns about Skye's deal with Billy, and flirts with her. Adam leaves, and Jack warns Skye they should be careful since Adam can be dangerous. They kiss, and Skye says she can handle him. She goes up the stairs and Adam confronts her in the room. He warns her that Victor is behind Jack sleeping with her. Adam asks her not to stop sleeping with Jack and not to pose for Restless Style. Malcolm arrives to do the shoot and Skye happily invites him in, and they do a sexy shoot with Skye posed on the bed. Adam wants to leave, but Skye warns him not to disappoint her. Adam rolls his eyes as Malcolm tells Skye she's a natural.

Heather gets a call in her office, then phones Victor and tells him she got some interesting information about Skye. He tells her to come to the Ranch. Victor assures Heather it shouldn't be difficult to get Skye to sell out on Adam.

At the Ranch, Heather tells Victor that she contacted the authorities in Brazil, and what she found out about Skye could be useful - she was paying off a judge who was actually a mob boss. She talks about a large amount of money that Skye claims to have won in poker. Victor says if she didn't, they have leverage.

Deacon and Nikki join hands at the AA meeting for the reading of the serenity prayer. After, Deacon wants to be friends, but Nikki declines, citing what he did to her daughter as a reason.

Billy and Vikki are at the hospital, worrying about hearing what the doctor will have to say. He comes in and says they'll do an ultrasound. The doctor tells them that the fetus has no heartbeat - she'll have to undergo a D&C the next day. Vikki asks Billy to take her home.

Jack meets Abby at Gloworm and tells her that she's not sticking it to Victor - this time he did it to himself. He informs her that Victor used her trust money, along with Victoria's and Nick's, to pay fines to the SEC. Abby realizes her father breached his fiduciary duty! Jack confirms any judge would side with her. Abby questions Jack's motives. He says the Abbotts won't turn their back on her - she's got nothing to lose.

Victoria and Billy arrive at home where they have a conversation about having no regrets. Vikki tells him he's been sweet to her, but he lost a baby too - he can be upset. Billy admits he's disappointed, and suggests they try again. Nikki comes to the door and hugs them both before asking what happened. Vikki is forced to admit that he had an altercation with Victor at Restless Style before the miscarriage. Billy takes off as Nikki frowns. Nikki tells Vikki that Victor did this, and she's so sorry.

Heather arrives at Adam and Skye's door as Malcolm is leaving. She tells Skye she wants to talk to her about the judge in Brazil who disappeared with a nice chunk of change. They deny having any information about the judge. Heather leaves, and Adam tells Skye they are out to get him and they're trying to use her to do it! He says Heather is probably trying to dig up more dirt right now. Skye tells him he'd better hope she doesn't find anything!

Billy hammers on Victor's door and when he answers, rips into him. He tells him Victoria lost the baby. Victor says he didn't want that to happen and he's sorry about it. Billy shouts at him to stop attacking his wife - he's a world-class bully! Victor claims he was just warning her about him, and growls at him to go home. Billy says she chose him and Victor needs to stop punishing her for that. Victor says he's playing with fire. Billy retorts, "All day long." Victor closes the door and calls Vikki. She ignores his call.

Nikki goes to the bar in Gloworm and is dismayed to find Deacon working there. He pours her a drink. She claims not to want it. Victor calls her cell phone to tell her Vikki lost the baby. She tells him she knows and hangs up on him! Nikki returns to butting heads with Deacon. He encourages her to admit she's an alcoholic and to push away the drink he poured for her. She does.

At home, Vikki listens to Victor's voicemail message saying Billy was just there. Billy comes in, and she thanks him for being her hero. He holds her.

Heather goes back to her office and calls Victor to tell him Adam and Skye were rattled. He suggests Skye is looking for an escape hatch - all she has to do is provide it.

Abby arrives at the Ranch and serves Victor with papers. She adds that Victoria played by his rules, and look where that got her.

Jack sips a drink at the Club bar and phones Tucker. He tells him Abby is serving Victor with papers as they speak - Jack Abbott is back to stay!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Nina tells Christine most of her advice over the years has been pretty crappy!

Mac tells J.T. that they're pregnant!

Billy opens the door to Victor, who says he's there to see Victoria.

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