Adam spots Victoria at Crimson Lights and starts in about her shotgun wedding. He welcomes her to the wonderful world of being screwed over by daddy. Vikki says he's on his own, adding that at least she's in a real marriage, unlike him. Adam smirks as she walks off.

Billy is telling his staff at Restless Style that he needs a cover story when Skye walks in. She says she's going to help him sell magazines by letting him put her on the cover. Skye feels she is a new force to be reckoned with in finance, and that the Newman name sells. Billy muses that he would have to have full control. She agrees. They shake on it as Victoria comes in. Billy tells her about Skye being the cover story. Vikki snarks that he should rename the magazine 'Newman Style' and stop pretending he reports on anything else. Billy says she knew about his business before they got married. Vikki wonders how it will fly with her dad. Billy mocks her for caring what daddy thinks. Victoria sighs and says he's right and apologizes.

At the Ranch, Nikki goes for a drink but Meggie appears. Nikki recalls warning Meggie away from Victor. He appears, and Nikki sends Meggie out of the room so they can talk. She starts talking about how stressful things have been. Abby comes in. Victor says he has something that will make her happy, and tells Nikki they'll talk later. Abby learns that Victor and Ashley are very happy about her restraint lately and have decided to give her part of her trust fund. In with the check is a document she has to sign - it says she can't get any more money until age 30 and must work at Newman. Abby feels he still doesn't trust her, and gives the check back.

Heather finishes speaking to her staff in her office. One employee tells her the FBI has suspended much of her staff. Heather calls Christine and rails about it. Chris heads over and says she's sorry for the inconvenience. Heather asks who the agent in charge is. Christine says it's Ronan. Heather is reacting when Victor shows up. He greets Christine as she leaves the room. Heather tells Victor there is no evidence that Adam's trial was tainted by Owen. They agree it's disappointing. Victor muses that Skye may be a source of new information - if she can find something on her. Heather likes it. He leaves and Chris comes back in. Ronan arrives. Chris tells Heather they have to find a way to work together. Ronan says he wants to put all the dirty cops away to make up for Chance dying and that the FBI will be calling the shots. Heather doesn't want her authority undermined. They agree.

Jack arrives at Gloworm to meet Tucker. He starts talking about Jabot, but Tucker stops him, saying his time is up for getting him Beauty of Nature - he's fired! Jack protests that he can't rush this. Tucker counters that Abby dropped her suit - it's dead in the water. Jack feels it's a temporary setback. Tucker gives him until the end of the day.

Abby is sitting at the counter in Crimson Lights and is approached by Adam, who mentions her suing Victor - he wishes her luck. Abby informs him she dropped the suit, and that they have nothing in common. She is informing him of how creepy he is when Skye walks in and announces she'll be on the cover of Restless Style. Abby calls Jack and sets up a meeting.

Jack and Abby sit together at the Club. She fills him in on what happened with Victor and how disappointed she is. Jack commiserates. Abby thinks maybe she should call Vance. Jack nods. She wants him to guarantee that she'll win - she wants him to find something that makes it foolproof. Tucker watches her leave, then walks over to reiterate to Jack that he needs to make something happen by the end of the day.

Skye and Adam walk into Gloworm where they encounter Victor. Skye crows about her magazine cover. Victor excuses himself and goes over to sit with Nikki and Meggie. Victor tells Nikki something has come up and he can't stay for lunch. At their table, Skye and Adam argue about her cover. Billy appears and asks to do the shoot this afternoon. Adam suggests that he get in on it - they could be Genoa City's power couple. Billy declines. Nikki sends Meggie on her way then sits at the bar. She orders a ginger ale.

Victor shows up at Restless Style. Victoria is there and tells him not to bother confronting her husband. They argue over Billy's intentions. Victor is outraged at her tone. She tells him she's heard the whole speech before - he can save it! Victor warns that their relationship is in jeopardy. Vikki says she's never lived up to his expectations, and being with Billy has given her peace. Victor says she'll regret burning bridges with him. He leaves, and Victoria doubles over in pain.

Nikki walks into an AA meeting and sits down. The speaker steps forward. He says, "My name is Deacon, and I'm an alcoholic."

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Skye and Adam have another run-in with Jack.

Deacon speaks to Nikki at the AA meeting.

Billy screams at Victor to stop attacking his wife!

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