At work, Heather is preparing her case when an assistant gives her the recording from Chance's wire - his last words. Paul comes in and tells her she has to listen to it. He suggests she take a day off, but Heather says she can't because all of Owen's cases are being reopened, including Adam's. They talk about Victor, and Heather promises she will only open Adam's case if she can win it.

Meggie goes over things with a distracted Nikki at the Ranch. Meggie says she's been out of sorts lately, and wonders if she can help. Nikki looks at the vodka, and nearly stops Meggie as she leaves the room, but changes her mind. Nikki is about to pour a drink when Paul shows up looking for Victor. She says he's at the Club and assures him she's feeling better. She closes the door and has her drink.

Skye and Adam are in their room. She asks if he's jealous over Jack. He says he couldn't care less, and leaves.

Nick is talking to Vikki on the phone as he sits at the Club. He hangs up as Victor sits down. They discuss Billy. Adam comes down and goes to the bar, where Jack walks up and muses that he shouldn't leave his wife alone. Adam says he knows what Jack is up to with Skye, and it won't work. He warns that Skye needs him. Jack joins Nick and Victor, who gets up and walks over to Adam. He tells him his case will be reopened. Nick and Jack talk about Noah's return, and the split with Phyllis. Victor rejoins them. Nick feels Victor shouldn't have tipped Adam off. Victor asks Nick to go to Heather and offer support if she goes after Adam. Nick leaves. Victor and Jack discuss their plot to devalue the Newman Fund. Skye materializes and Victor realizes that Jack is sleeping with her. Jack shrugs, saying they'll get what they want. Jack walks over to Skye, who asks him what he's up to with Victor Newman. He calls her paranoid, and says they were discussing Abby. She invites him upstairs.

On the jet, Cane thanks Sofia for her help. They discuss his situation, and he calls Lily and leaves her a message. They land and do the deal. Cane tries phoning again, but the cell isn't working.

At home, Lily just misses Cane's call. Neil comes to help with the babies, and Malcolm shows up soon after. Lily says she's going to take a bath and Neil talks about cooking the steaks from down under. Lily reappears after bathing and they urge her to go rest. Mal and Neil discuss how much Lily is like Dru. Talk turns to business, Neil warns Malcolm not to distract his fiancee from the deal. Lily rejoins them and jokes with Malcolm. When she leaves the room, Malcolm tells Neil he'll stay behind when he and Sofia go to work in Miami. Mal thinks the steaks smell different.

Adam walks into Heather's office and confronts her about reopening his case. He says it's personal and promises to sue her. Heather snaps back at him and brings Chance's name into it. Adam says he's sorry she saw someone she cared about go down. Nick walks in. He and Adam bicker. Heather threatens to call security, so Adam leaves. Nick tells Heather he's behind her if she reopens the case, and claims he's not there on Victor's behalf. After he leaves, Heather agonizes over listening to the tape.

As the jet prepares for take-off, Cane gets a garbled message from Lily about grilling steaks with her dad. He tries again later and Lily tiredly answers the phone. He says he called Neil and Malcolm because he was worried about her. He tells Sofia that Lily and the kids could be in real danger.

Paul is with Victor at the Club telling him Meggie is clean. She watches from behind a corner. Paul talks to Victor about using Heather to go after Adam. Victor says he's Paul's friend. Paul also tells him just because Meggie checked out, it doesn't mean everything is okay at home. Paul leaves and Nick returns. He tells Victor he's not sure about Heather, plus he's worried Adam will run to Sharon.

Adam is back in his room when Skye comes in with Jack. Jack wonders if it's a setup, and Adam asks to speak to Skye alone. Jack leaves, and Adam tells her he's decided they're going to work together. She replies, "Who do you think you're conning?" She tells him she knows he's going to need a good attorney and can't afford one. When she reiterates that she is calling the shots, he says she should have stayed dead under the floorboards. Nick and Jack hear from outside the door.

Meggie returns home to find Nikki heading up for a nap. Meggie purrs to herself, "Go ahead and lie down, Nikki. I'll take care of everything." By the time Victor gets home, Meggie tells him she is moving out because she heard he had her investigated. Victor reassures her and gives her a hug. Nikki sees from the stairs!

Neil and Malcolm return to Lily's house after receiving Cane's concerned phone call. Someone watches them.

Heather plays the tape in her office and sobs. Paul comes in and comforts her.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Skye wants Billy to put her on the cover of Restless Style.

Tucker fires Jack.

Victoria and Victor have a heated argument.

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