Phillip and Nina pack up Chance's stuff at the Chancellor Estate. Nina says it's hard to watch everyone grieve. Phillip hugs her. Paul comes in and asks if what Chris said to them helped. He and Phillip stress that Christine did what she thought was right - they all did.

Christine is downstairs with Kay. Murphy goes to get Katherine something to eat. Kay tells Chris not to let anything interfere with her and Nina's friendship. Kay remarks on Chance's death and gets choked up. Christine acknowledges her heartache, and asks her to talk outside.

Tucker and Ashley meet at the Club and kiss. They discuss Katherine, and he says he went to her, but the family shut him out. He explains that Murphy blamed him for causing Kay's collapse. Ashley feels he shouldn't back down. He should trust his instincts.

Cane and Lily are at home with the babies. She tells Cane to wipe off the spit-up before he meets Phillip, adding that she's glad Phillip has him now. Lily asks about Australia and Cane says he doesn't have to go right now. Lily wants to go pay her respects at the Chancellor house.

Sofia and Malcolm are in their room at the Club. Neil arrives and tells her the biofuel project in Australia is a 'go'. She and Cane have to leave today! Neil concedes that her plan was the right thing to do. Sofia thanks him. He leaves, and Sofia says, "I'm right!" Malcolm says this new arrangement she has with Neil will come back to bite her! Sofia isn't concerned, but Malcolm remains skeptical. She likes that he worries about her. They make love.

Chloe comes into Crimson Lights and Kevin is glad to see she's up and about. Phillip comes in and Kevin expresses his condolences. Phillip asks how Chloe is doing, and tells her Chance thought her smile was magic. They embrace. Phillip goes to the patio and Kevin jokes with Chloe that she'd better not smile at him - who knows what her powers could do! She hugs him. They chat, and Chloe realizes he did her laundry. He says it's fine for her to be down - she doesn't have to pretend around him.

Phillip and Cane meet on the patio. Phillip warns Cane that these guys he's dealing with could show up on his doorstep. Neil appears and tells Cane he needs to fly to Australia today! Cane stammers that he can't go right now. Neil assures him he'll help Lily with the babies - he flies out in two hours. Cane phones Lily to tell her he has to go.

Lily is at the Chancellor Estate with Murphy, who holds Matilda. Nina and Paul come in. Lily says she's sorry about Chance, and Nina holds Charlie. After Lily gets Cane's phone call and leaves, Nina sees Chris and Kay come in from outside. Chris says she came to see Katherine. Nina snarks about it, and Kay tells her Chance wouldn't want this rift between them. She leaves them alone, and Nina says to Chris, "You told her." Paul reappears, and thanks Chris for recommending Heather for interim D.A. Chris leaves. Paul wants to take Nina out of the house, saying that he'll do whatever it takes to get her through the hours and days. Nina says they should take a break

Cane goes to Sofia and Malcolm's room. Malcolm goes to shower, and Cane tells Sofia he can't go on the trip. She tells him he'll be back on the deportation list if he doesn't go. Cane admits that the men after him in Australia are a threat, and he can't worry Lily. He tells her it's bad - even if he makes it back, they could follow him home. She decides they'll go, land, get his passport stamped, sign the contracts right there on the tarmac, then leave. Cane can live with that.

Chris joins Phillip at Crimson Lights and worries that Nina will never forgive her. Phillip muses that she forgave him. He gets a text from Cane saying everything will be alright. Nina arrives and Phillip excuses himself. She sits down with Chris and says now she can answer her question. Chris says it's confidential, but Nina tells her to shut up, so she can say thank you! Phillip spots Paul, who tells him Nina dumped him. Phillip thinks she needs support, even if she won't admit it.

Neil arrives at Lily's house. She marvels at how poignant it was to hear Nina talk about Chance as a baby. They discuss Cane's trip. She says she feels bad he has to miss time with the twins. Cane comes home to say goodbye to the babies. Neil takes the baby he's holding, and Cane tells Lily he wishes he didn't have to go, and that she and the kids are his life. They kiss and he leaves. A delivery comes to the door - it's steaks from 'down under'. Neil and Lily are tickled.

Tucker goes to the door of the Chancellor House. Murphy tells him he's not welcome there. Tucker wants to hear it from Kay. She appears and asks what's going on. Tucker comes in, and Murphy admits he didn't let him see her yesterday at the hospital. Katherine notes that Tucker only told her to take care of herself. She says there has been enough misunderstandings and mistrust. Tucker gives her the flowers he brought. She takes them, saying they have to trust one another or they won't get anywhere.

Malcolm says goodbye to Sofia on the jet. Cane boards and she reassures him everything will be fine.

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Cane tells Sofia if 'they' find his family, Lily and the kids could be in real danger.
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