JT and Mac drop off Summer and Reed to Billy and Victoria, who already have Delia there. Mac says if they need back up to call. Vikki says they won't, and Billy tells Mac and JT to have a good time. Playing ensues. Billy ends up on the wrong end a water gun and Vikki's cookies burn. Later, they cuddle and talk about when the next child comes. Billy asks if Vikki will work for Tucker. She says no, he's too unpredictable. Billy suggests she hang out with the kids then - she's appalled by the idea, then qualifies it by saying she loves the kids, but also loves business. After they get the kids to sleep, they joke about staying wild as they get older and make out on the sofa. The kids call for water and they have to stop.

Nick is playing with Faith at Sharon's house. Sharon tells Faith to ask daddy who he was making out with at Jimmy's Bar. Nick explains that it was a nice woman, and it was a bad night. Sharon wonders if it was about her. There's a knock - it's Noah! Once inside, he explains he broke up with Eden and is staying for now. He wonders when they're going to get back together. Sharon says it's not a priority. Noah talks about Phyllis's blog. Nick says she's just mad at him. Noah gets a text and goes upstairs. Nick tells Sharon he's not a kid anymore, and that she has all her babies under one roof now.

Skye and Adam complete their interview at the Club as Phyllis watches from the bar. Jack arrives and wonders who is interviewing them - Psychopath Weekly? Skye and Adam come over and Skye tells Jack it's for the good of the fund. Adam and Skye walk off and Phyllis confronts Jack about investing with them. He changes the subject by flirting. They sit down and he brings up her blog - he says it's the old Red. She counters that he was like a dog at Dr. Peterson's feet. He asks if he should get them a room now, or after their drinks. Phyllis says it wouldn't be right - she was only with Deacon to get back at Nick, and she couldn't use Jack that way. Jack tries to understand, and they say they love each other.

Mac and JT get home and talk about Reed. Mac says hanging out with him is the best part of her day. JT says she'll be an amazing mom, and tells her how much he loves living with her. He would like her to have their baby. Mac blurts, "Yes." She will have a baby with him - and she thinks it could happen tonight! They kiss. They start making love on the sofa. After, Mac craves pizza and declares that she's pregnant - it worked. JT says practice makes perfect and they kiss again.

Up in their room, Skye gets snarky with Adam when he's not grateful for her work. Adam's not happy about what she did to him before the interview. Adam informs her he's put up with enough of her crap, and taking her neck in his hand, warns if she pushes him further, he might snap! Skye says she pushes him because she loves him and they could be great together. He calls her pathetic and warns he'd walk away from her in a heartbeat.

Jack and Phyllis are still at their table when Adam leaves the Club. Phyllis thanks Jack for dinner and laughingly says he still has his mojo. As she leaves, Skye appears and orders a scotch. Jack grins and asks if there are problems. He wonders what she's doing with Adam. They banter, and he says she deserves better. Jack offers to help get her mind off Adam.

Phyllis goes to Crimson Lights where she encounters Noah. He says he has lots of stuff for Summer. Just then, Nick, Sharon, and Faith appear. Phyllis says he must be thrilled to have his family back together, then rapidly heads for the patio. Adam appears. She points out Sharon and Nick inside and tells him to take it all in! After he leaves, Phyllis blogs about pride.

Jack and Skye go into her room at the Club and make love passionately on the bed! As Jack is dressing to leave afterward, Adam returns. Jack departs with a grin, and Adam tells Skye, "You didn't listen to a thing I said, did you?"

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Nina says to Cricket, "You told her, didn't you?"

Kevin tells Chloe to let out her feelings - she doesn't have to pretend around him.

Ashley tells Tucker to trust his instincts.

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