At the meeting spot, Nina learns that Chance will get a new identity in a new town and will not be able to communicate with anyone. Nina protests, but Christine says she'll have to keep quiet - they weren't even supposed to tell her! Nina asks Ronan and Chance if their fight was fake. Ronan says it wasn't, but explains that after that, Ronan told Chance everything and they concocted a plan. Chance tells Nina when he heard her screams he wanted to get up and tell her he was alive, he's sorry. Nina complains that her feelings weren't considered; she thinks they could have come up with another way. Chance says it's the only way. He reminds her that whenever they're apart they always look at the moon at the same time each night. Nina walks over to Ronan and tells him she hopes she isn't going to lose him too. He says he has to go with Chance. Nina tells him she didn't give him up willingly. Ronan says he knows, and assures her he had a good upbringing. She asks why he didn't contact her sooner. He says she was successful and happy and he was about to become FBI, so he didn't. Ronan tells her he did all this to protect their family. Christine says it's time, and goodbyes are said. Chance tells Nina to remember the moon. Nina then holds Ronan.

Katherine arrives back at home from the hospital, where Murphy, Esther, Jill, and Chloe fuss over her. Chloe worries that she upset her by arguing with Heather. Kay reassures her.

Paul and Heather go into Pomerantz's office. He tells her it was an honor to be appointed as District Attorney. They discuss Owen being behind bars, and she says it won't bring Chance back. She prepares a speech and says she'll nail Pomerantz.

In their room, Skye tells Adam they have a publicity meeting in half an hour. He says he won't accompany her. She tells him to get ready, or there will be consequences. Skye reminds him she knows all his dirty secrets - including that he helped Patty William's escape. Adam clams up. She says, "Mr. Kitty got your tongue?" Skye says to meet her downstairs and leaves. Adam says outloud, "You think you can threaten me, and I'll lie down and take it?"

Victor comes into the Ranch and Nikki scrambles to cover up her drinking. He mentions Pomerantz's arrest, then asks why she's so nervous. Nikki tells him about Katherine going to the hospital, adding that she had to leave because of Jill. Katherine calls to say she's home. Nikki and Victor then discuss Heather being appointed as interim D.A., and Victor heads out.

Back at the Chancellor Estate, Kay hangs up from Nikki and reflects on Chance being gone. Chloe leaves the room and Jill grimaces. Chloe goes to look at her engagement ring. Esther follows, and Chloe apologizes to her for embarrassing her before. Esther goes, and Jill comes in. She says she's concerned about her - she remembers how it felt when Chance's grandfather was killed. Jill advises her to get her feelings out or it will consume her. Chloe just hopes Chance knew she still cared. On the sofa, Murphy and Kay discuss Nina's past with Christine - she's worried Nina has also lost her best friend.

Paul arrives at the Ranch. Nikki has called him because she needed a friend. She says it's something Victor can't hear. She admits she's been struggling lately, especially over Victor's treatment of Victoria. He asks if she's wanted a drink. She denies it, but says everything is different. Paul tells her to call day or night.

Victor comes into the D.A.'s office and greets Heather. He thinks she should re-open all Owen's cases - including Adam's. Heather agrees. Victor makes Heather an offer. He'll bankroll her campaign to become District Attorney permanently, if she promises to go after Adam with all she's got!

Skye is at the meeting in the Club and Adam hasn't showed up. She is about to call, when he appears. Skye says she knew he wouldn't disappoint her.

Nina, Phillip, and Christine come into the Chancellor Estate together. Katherine, Murphy, Chloe, and Jill are there. Kay asks how Nina is doing. She says she can't put into words what she's feeling. Katherine says they're all so sorry Chance is gone and embraces her.

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Adam warns Skye if she pushes him any further he might just snap!

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