At the back of the church, Ronan explains that he didn't come to upset anyone or ruin Chance's memory. He says he will use the information to take the dirty cops down and clear Chance's name. Chloe and Heather are skeptical, but Ronan just says he did the best he could. Chloe shouts that this was not noble, it was just a waste!

Christine approaches Paul, Phillip, and Nina at the front of the church near the casket. Christine is trying to tell her something, but Nina shouts that her son is dead, "Explain that to me!" Christine tells Paul there are things Nina needs to hear - that will help her! She goes to find Ronan, and she asks if he's feeling emotion. She hopes Nina gives her a chance to explain. Nearby, Paul tells Nina that she should consider talking to Chris - it might bring her some measure of peace. Phillip admits he has some questions. Nina reluctantly agrees. They go over to Chris and Ronan. Chris says an agent will take them to a private place - it won't take long.

Nikki and Murphy are with Katherine in her hospital room. Murphy steps out and Nikki tells Kay they're not sure why she collapsed. They end up discussing Nikki and Victor's wedding. Nikki wonders if she should put it off until Vikki and her father make up. Kay just listens. Nikki says she needs her, and confesses her recent urge to drink. Kay doesn't respond.

In the hospital hallway Murphy asks the doctor about Kay, then turns to Tucker and asks what he was talking to her about when she collapsed. Tucker realizes that he thinks he caused it! Brock and Jill arrive, and Murphy turns back to Kay's room, but tells Tucker he can't come in! They all go in with the doctor, who says he's still waiting for test results. Katherine wakes up and complains about the jabbering. She asks why they aren't taking care of Nina at the house. Jill says they're not there yet. Kay demands to know what's going on. The story about Pomerantz comes out. Kay insists they go to Nina and Phillip. She asks for time alone with Murphy. Brock and Murphy look out at Tucker. Murphy asks Brock to tell him there won't be a good time. Murphy turns back to Kay, who says they need to talk about her living will. Murphy argues against it, but Katherine is firm - she wants to live until she dies, and die with dignity. He doesn't know if he can agree to pull the plug. The doctor, Jill, and Nikki return saying Kay needs a catscan. She's wheeled out. Jill tells Nikki there's no reason for her to stay. They bicker heatedly and Nikki ends up saying something inappropriate. She leaves. Brock, meanwhile, is arguing with Tucker, who says he has as much right to be there as he does - he's a part of the family whether he likes it or not.

Heather sits across from Pomerantz in the jail and grills him about his part in Chance's death. Owen claims Ronan is lying. Heather says she saw his face when he realized Ronan was FBI - he's guilty as sin! Paul catches up with Heather after and he tells her Chance knew how much faith she had in him. She is distraught that she kept Owen apprised of every step they made. Paul says it was bigger than any of them knew. The state attorney shows up and offers Heather the D.A. job on an interim basis. Paul is proud and offers to help.

Chloe and Kevin get home and talk about what a lowlife Pomerantz turned out to be. Chloe says Chance had no idea. They discuss Ronan and Kevin points out that he was undercover and may have only shot in self-defense. Chloe thanks him for trying to help, but says Ronan killed Chance, that's all she can see. Chloe speaks to Delia on the phone - she cries, so Chloe tells Esther she'll come. Chloe then tells Kevin that Delia wants Chance.

A car pulls up to a location in the dark. Phillip and Nina are in the backseat. The driver gets out, and Christine arrives in another car. Ronan gets out and Nina is irked. As she's telling Ronan he will never be family, a voice in the dark says, "Mom." It's Chance! Nina throws herself into his arms and is delirious with relief. Chance tells her he is going into witness protection - and no one else can know he's alive, and it may be the last time they ever see each other!

Nikki arrives at home and calls for Victor. She pours a drink and downs it in one!

Katherine has returned to her hospital room and the doctor announces she was just dehydrated and did not have a heart attack. As Murphy grins, and Jill hugs Brock, Tucker looks in through the window.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Skye says to Adam, "Wait until they find out you helped Patty Williams escape!"

Nina tells Ronan she doesn't want to lose him too.

Victor offers to bankroll Heather's campaign for District Attorney. She wonders what he wants in exchange.

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