Brock comes into the Chancellor Estate. He tells Jill he'll always consider her his sister. Esther greets him too. Kay, Murphy, Paul, Phillip, Heather, and Cane are also there. They are concerned about Nina. Tucker arrives and Katherine tells him and Brock it means a lot to have both her sons there.

Upstairs in Chance's room, Nina remembers giving birth to him and cries. Paul comes in and soothes her. She says she doesn't think she can do this. She puts on a necklace Chance gave her, then asks Paul why he didn't tell her Ronan was FBI. Paul knows she wishes she could have stopped him. Nina wonders if Ronan pulled the trigger because he thinks she abandoned him. They go downstairs and join the others. Sergeant Goldman arrives to escort them to the church. Nina and Phillip embrace.

Billy and Vikki are hanging out on the patio at Crimson Lights, when JT overhears her saying she's pregnant. He taunts her about having a baby in jail, but they tell him Victor got her off the hook. JT snarks that they'll be on Victor's hook until they die!

At Crimson Lights, Abby tells Ashley that she's dropping the lawsuit against Victor. Ash hugs her and then asks Jack why he's so sour. Neil comes in and remarks that they all seem to be headed to Chance's funeral. He asks Jack about Jabot. They all head out to the funeral together. Pomerantz, Meeks, and the dirty cops sit at a table near the door and congratulate themselves.

Christine visits Ronan and remarks that his brother's funeral is today. She says they all have to live with that. She says Nina always trusted her with her son. She is upset that she will have to bury him today, and she can't even be there!

Victor complains to Michael at the Ranch that Victoria isn't grateful that he's taking the fall for her mistakes. Nikki snaps at Victor, then apologizes.

Everyone gathers at the church for Chance's funeral. Victor and Nikki fuss over Katherine, Mac greets Brock, who thanks JT for putting a smile on his daughter's face. Ashley and Jack speak to Nina and Phillip. Brock asks them all to be seated. Michael kisses Jill's cheek and says Lauren sends her condolences, she's out of the country. Jill snarks about her not calling or showing up, and Cane apologizes to Michael. Chloe spots Heather and asks what she's doing there. Kevin tries to intervene, but a cat-fight ensues. Paul jumps in, as does Esther, but it's Kay who gets them to shut up and sit down. The casket is carried in. Pomerantz shows up, which bothers Nina. Brock speaks, followed by Phillip, who tells how proud he was of his son. Jill talks about Chance next, saying what trait he got from everyone in the family. Kay speaks about how he enriched their lives. Brock gets up again and concludes with a prayer. Sargent Goldman presents Nina with the flag.

After everyone places a rose on Chance's casket and files out of the church, Christine appears in the doorway. Nina tightly warns, "Not today." Phillip says to ignore her. Ronan then appears beside Christine. Pomerantz and Meeks thunder about how Ronan got released from jail. Ronan replies that he's FBI, and they're under arrest! He says he wasn't wearing a wire, but Chance was - they've got them dead to rights! After they're taken away, Nina and Phillip angrily ask how they could come and turn Chance's funeral into a freak show! Christine says this is what Chance wanted, but Nina screams at them to get out now!

Back at the Chancellor Estate, Kay and Nikki chat with JT and Mac. Cane speaks to Michael about Jill. Esther gives Tucker and Neil appetizers - they talk about Kay seeming fragile. Tucker and Neil discuss Malcolm and Sofia, Neil says it's a family thing. Victor and Ash talk about Abby, and she appears beside them, saying there are more important things than money. Kay is taken upstairs, leaving Nikki to ask Victoria to acknowledge Victor's gesture. Vikki scoffs loudly, which attracts Jack. He wonders how Victor would react to her working at Jabot. Cane leaves, and Vikki offers to pick up Reed at Tiny Tots. JT agrees. Victor stops Vikki, but she blows him off. Ashley tells Tucker she can't help but think about Colleen today. Katherine wonders why the rest of them haven't come back yet. Tucker checks on Kay, who is getting tired of everyone hovering. Suddenly, she collapses in his arms!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Nina says to Chris, "My son is dead! Explain that to me?"

Tucker say to Brock, "I have as much right to be in there as you do!"

Kay tells Murphy that prolonging life is one thing, but prolonging death - she doesn't want to be subjected to that!

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