Victoria and Billy, at home, prepare to visit the Chancellor Estate. Vance calls. Vikki tells Billy he will never believe what her father just did!

At the Ranch, Victor tells Nikki he called the authorities and took the blame for the Japanese bribe. Nikki says the only lesson he taught Victoria was not to trust her father. When Victor takes a call, Meggie brings Nikki some iced tea. Victor reappears and tells Nikki that Abby's trust has been frozen - he's sure Jack's behind it. They leave for the funeral, and Meggie notices Nikki left her iced tea. She muses, "What a waste. Oh, well, baby steps." Soon, she is unpacking a bag full of mini vodka bottles and grinning.

Abby is with Jack at Crimson Lights. She informs him that where her father is concerned she'll catch more flies with honey. Jack warns she may end up caught in her own sticky trap! Abby insists she can't do it Jack's way.

Tucker meets with Neil and Sofia at Gloworm. Sofia learns that Neil dumped all over her latest proposal. She accuses Neil of doing it to punish her for being engaged to Malcolm. Just then, Malcolm appears. Sofia tells Tucker that Neil will shoot down any ideas she recommends. Tucker needs the two of them working together. He says there's a project coming up in Miami they'll both be on. Tucker leaves, and Mal warns Neil not to use Sofia to get to him. Neil insists his feelings toward him have nothing to do with his work with Sofia. Mal and Sofia step aside and she asks him to back up and let her handle Neil her own way. He reluctantly agrees. Sofia goes back to Neil and proposes that they find a way to get along. Neil agrees, and wonders if they might even wind up as friends. Sofia won't hold her breath.

Kevin orders Chloe off the couch at home and into the shower, saying she is slipping into a depression. Chloe can't believe Chance is gone. Kevin holds her.

Nina wanders into the Chancellor living room where Jill wants to talk. Jill lets Nina know she raised an extraordinary son - she wishes she'd been half the mother she was! They embrace. Billy and Victoria arrive and the living room fills with family members. Chloe and Kevin also come in. Chloe hears Victoria telling Delia they'll have a sleepover. Chloe takes the baby abruptly. Billy reminds her that Victoria is her stepmother. Kevin takes Chloe aside and tries to calm her. Back in the living room, talk is centered around Chance's burial. Nina recalls Chance's first puppy. Billy steps out when he feels sad, and ends up answering the door - to Victor and Nikki. They come in and express their condolences. Victor asks Victoria if she's grateful about what he did for her. She says she can't forgive him for her wedding day. Abby comes in. She tells Victor she's dropping the lawsuit, saying maybe they can work it out. Victor agrees to meet halfway. Jack comes in and grimaces.

Tucker arrives at Katherine's place and goes to her. She says she's so glad he's there. Esther brings out wine and Nikki eyes it up. Jack sidles over to Tucker and they discuss Abby. Tucker warns that he's only CEO at Jabot for one reason. Victor appears and tells Tucker not to forget that he's in control. Nina walks up to Chloe and Kevin. She tells Chloe that she is really glad Chance got to experience love and happiness with her and Delia. Nikki and Kay sit down to chat. Kay notices Nikki eyeballing the wine glasses and asks if she's thinking of drinking. Nikki denies it. Victor chats with Katherine about Chance, and Murphy weighs in with concern about Kay's health. Victor warns her to beware of Tucker. Nikki and Abby have an exchange and Tucker interrupts. He tells Abby risks can pay off. She wonders if he thinks she shouldn't give up. He asks how bad she wants it. Esther tries to get Chloe to eat and gets her head snapped off. Kevin goes after Chloe, and Jill tells Jack she doesn't blame Chloe - imaging having that dingbat as a mother! They snark about Jabot, and then Victor appears. He taunts Jack about Abby dropping the lawsuit. Jack denies being involved, and calls Victor paranoid. Nikki asks Victor to take her home. Tucker congratulates Billy and Vikki on their marriage, and tells Victoria he has a top position opening up at Jabot. Jack hears. Jill thanks everyone for coming and makes a toast to Chance. Katherine gets dizzy and has to sit down.

Kevin and Chloe get home. He encourages her to grieve or get angry before she explodes. Chloe stalks out.

Back at the Ranch, Nikki tells Victor that Abby is playing him. He won't discuss it, and leaves the room. Nikki pours a drink, but puts it back. Meggie spies, then offers her some iced tea!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

JT needles Victoria in Crimson Lights.

Heather and Chloe argue at the funeral.

Christine and Ronan show up at the funeral.

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