Cane and Lily are at home when the phone rings - it's Jill. She breaks the news to Cane that Chance was shot dead. Cane leaves. Daniel stops by. He and Lily chat about Chance's death and then laugh over the Restless Style cover he did with Abby.

Heather meets with Christine on the patio of Crimson Lights. She tells Chris that she tried to keep Chance from going to the drug bust. Christine suggests she go support Chance's mom.

Jill embraces a tearful Phillip at the Chancellor Estate. An army sergeant comes to the door looking for Nina. Up in her room, Nina sobs in Paul's arms. She talks about Christine knowing who Ronan was, and wonders why Chance didn't go to Paul for help. Phillip knocks and tells her someone from the military has come. Back downstairs, Cane has arrived and is with Jill. Phillip and Cane embrace. Cane assures him Chance loved him. The topic of Australia is broached. Phillip tells him he can't come there and put his family in danger.

Jack is at Gloworm, on the phone with Vance speculating about what Victor's next move will be. Abby beeps in - she's freaking out and afraid of her father. Jack says he can't touch her, and tells her to come there. She arrives, panicking, and Jack tells her Vance will come through, and he'll handle her father. Abby says, "Game on."

Billy greets Victoria at the police station. She signs for her belongings and is out on bail. Billy says he needs to go see Jill. Victoria decides she'll go see Victor.

At the Ranch, Victor makes arrangements for Abby's trust to be dissolved. He looks at a headline about Victoria's arrest. Victoria arrives and asks if he hates Billy so much that he could do this! Victor says he's trying to protect her. Victoria wonders if he wants her in jail pregnant. Victor informs her the charges will be dropped - as soon as she ends her farce of a marriage! Victoria insists she won't give up Billy. Victor starts disparaging Billy. Victoria tells her father he's not to be near her or her children, and he is not welcome in her home!

Billy comes into the Chancellor Estate and greets Jill. Billy tells Phillip he's sorry, and Nina brings the military man in, saying he served with Chance. The doorbell goes - it's Owen Pomerantz with a warrant to search the premises! The army sergeant describes how Chance saved his life. Pomerantz tells his men to start searching. Paul shows the army guy out and Chris shows up. Paul tells her to go. Phillip hears her voice and embraces her. Nina is upset about the cops tearing apart Chance's things. When the cop refers to Chance as a drug dealer, Jill goes ballistic and Nina gets an apology. Jill goes down and tells Cane what's happening, urging him to go home. She apologizes to Billy for her behavior over the wedding - saying she can tell he loves her. They discuss how heartless Victor is. Jill hints she might be able to get through to him. Outside, she spots Phillip sitting with Christine. She wants Chris to leave. Phillip and Chris talk about the burden of secrets. Inside, Nina and Paul look at Chance's uniform and she debates where to have him buried. Nina shakes her head - it's not right, and it's not fair!

Abby and Daniel are at Jimmy's Bar. She is raving about photos he took of her. He notices the newspaper headline about Victoria, and they discuss it. Daniel asks about her lawsuit. She says Jack will protect her. Daniel is skeptical. They bicker and he leaves.

Cane is back at home discussing things with Lily. He tells her he may postpone his trip to Australia for a few months, saying Sofia has okay'd it. Lily asks what is going on. Cane doesn't tell her about the danger. The dog barks and Lily looks out. Someone is watching the house, but she doesn't see them.

Jill shows up at the Ranch to discuss Billy and Victoria with Victor. She says after what happened to Chance, she can't justify standing in the way of their happiness. When she asks what kind of father has his pregnant daughter arrested, Victor wants her to go, but he phones the authorities and tells them it was he who bribed the Japanese official, not his daughter. Victor gets a visit from his man who tells him it was not possible to dissolve Abby's trust - Vance Abrams froze it!

Billy and Vikki are at Jimmy's Bar getting their wedding rings tattooed on. The artist pretends to pass out again, then laughs.

Heather is at the Chancellor Estate. Nina invites her to stay. She tells them she has asked to prosecute Ronan. Pomerantz and the cops file out with Chance's computer causing Nina to become upset.

Billy carries Victoria over the threshold at their new house. They kiss.

Jack gets a call from Vance at Gloworm. Vance tells him the trust was frozen. Jack is pleased, but turns to see Abby there. She wants out of the lawsuit.

Chris is at the jail with Ronan and reads him the riot act, saying this was not the way it was supposed to go down. He protests that he was cornered. Chris tells him everyone at his mother's house is suffering - how is he going to live with that!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Victor taunts Jack after Abby drops the lawsuit!

Tucker tells Abby not to give up, and asks how bad she wants it.

Kay asks Nikki if she's thinking about drinking. Nikki denies it.

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