At the warehouse, Nina screams as Chance's body is covered. She attacks Ronan and Paul pulls her off. Ronan asks Owen what the plan is. Owen smirks that he'll pay for his crime. Chloe lashes out at Heather for trusting Ronan. Nina asks Ronan if he's really her son - he says he is. Nina asks how he could shoot his own brother! Christine appears and says she's sorry. Nina is angered to realize she knew Ronan was her son. Paul shakes his head at Christine and follows Nina.

Billy and Vikki are pronounced husband and wife just before she's taken away from their house by the police. Billy turns to Michael for help. He says he has to talk to Victor. Vance Abrams offers his services. Nikki tells Nick to go to Victoria - she'll deal with their father!

The wedding guests go into Billy and Vikki's house. Ashley and Jack speculate that Victor is behind the arrest. Phyllis agrees, and recalls what happened to Summer. Nick and Phyllis bicker. Michael and Phyllis leave. Daniel won't hug her goodbye. Abby tells Daniel that if her dad did this to Vikki, she's toast!

Victor hangs up the Ranch phone as Nikki slams into the house, hollering that he's selfish and pig-headed - how dare he do this to their daughter! Victor says it's for her own good that he prevented the marriage. Nikki sneers that it didn't work, they got married anyway. She spits, "You failed!" Nikki tells Victor that Billy loves Victoria. She informs him that none of them will trust him again!

At the jail, Billy sits with Victoria and Nick. Vance enters and announces she's looking at up to twenty years in prison. Vikki asks Nick if he thinks Victor did this. He says it's possible. Vance takes Vikki to see about bail, and Nick suggests Billy not go to confront Victor. Chloe appears, sobbing. Billy asks her what's wrong. She sputters, "Chance. He's dead!" Billy holds her.

In an interrogation room, Ronan argues with Heather about shooting Chance. Heather goes to find Pomerantz - she wants him to rehire her to prosecute Ronan. Chloe spots Pomerantz and follows them. Billy and Nick follow, but stop when they meet Vikki and Vance. Nick tells Vikki he's leaving. Vance tells Billy she'll have to stay the night there. Billy tells Victoria about Chance. They reassure each other that everything will be fine and kiss. When Billy leaves, Vikki cries.

Katherine, Murphy, Jill, and Phillip are in the Chancellor living room when Nina comes in, looks at them, and runs upstairs. Paul comes in and grimly breaks the news about Chance. He tells them that Ronan was Nina's long lost son. Kay reels that Nina witnessed one son killing another. Phillip goes to Nina. Jill starts to fall apart. Murphy says Chance was Nina's whole world.

Phillip enters Nina's room. She says she can't do this. Phillip promises to be there for her. Nina tells him about Cricket knowing and not telling her. Paul appears and says Christine is there. Nina gets up and closes the door in her face.

Paul and Christine go down to the living room, where Jill confronts her about Ronan. Kay steps in, but Jill asks Christine to leave. Kay agrees it might be best. Murphy decides to call Kay's doctor.

Outside, Christine tries to explain to Paul why she kept Ronan's secret. Paul says putting the case first caused Nina to lose her son. Nina appears and asks when she found out about Ronan. Christine says before she came to town. She wanted to tell Nina, but Ronan was worried about his and Heather's lives. Christine cries, telling Nina she so wants to help her! Nina shouts if she had known sooner, she could have told Ronan he was loved - she didn't even have a chance to hold him, and now she hates him! She asks Chris to go and never come back. Paul takes Nina inside. Chris watches as Phillip embraces Nina.

Chloe faces Ronan in the interrogation room. He says he's sorry. Chloe cries that she has to go home and explain to her daughter that Chance is never coming back. Ronan hates that he's done this to her, and hopes one day she might forgive him. Chloe tells him to burn in hell. She leaves and he cries. Chloe walks out and sees Heather crying. She sits beside her.

Ashley and Jack are at Gloworm. He tells Ashley that if Victor's admitted to illegal activities in Japan, he may give up Beauty of Nature. Phyllis, Michael, Abby, and Daniel arrive. Jack notes that Michael didn't seem shocked by the arrest. Michael and Phyllis sit alone. They bicker about Deacon and Michael's moral code. Vance arrives and tells the Abbotts he couldn't get Vikki bail yet. Nick follows, and breaks the news about Chance's murder. Everyone speculates about what happened. Phyllis tells Nick that Chloe still loved Chance. Nick wants to stop fighting. Phyllis agrees.

Billy walks into the Ranch, hollering for Victor, who asks how he got onto the property. Nikki says she allowed it - he needs to hear what their son-in-law has to say. Billy says he loves Victoria, and he's there because Victor's actions are crushing her - he could never do this to his daughter! Victor wonders how he'd react if Delia announced she's in love with a no-good gambling addict who makes a living off the misery of others. Billy tells Victor to come after him, not his wife. Victor says he'll come after him anytime he wants to!

At Jimmy's Bar, Meeks, Pomerantz, and a couple others celebrate the 'dearly departed'. Meeks boasts that no one will believe cop killer, Ronan.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Phillip tells Cane he cannot come to Australia and put his family in danger!

The cops search the house as Nina shouts that her son was of the highest moral integrity! The cop says they make the best drug dealers.

Victoria tells her father she's facing twenty years - does he want her behind bars when she's pregnant?

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