Credit: Daniel and Christel (CBS/JPI)

Welcome to Part II of’s chat with Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby) of The Young and the Restless! Read on for details about the twins and upcoming storyline! In the past, whenever we get comfortable with who Cane is, a secret or twist has been revealed.

True. And I liked not being a Chancellor, and losing that. In the beginning I wasn’t the happiest camper about it; everything I tried to develop and build, I lost, but at the same time it gave me a great obstacle to overcome from the character’s point of view. You look at Victor Newman, he came to the show with no familial ties whatsoever and created his own mark. Whether they choose to write Cane that way and develop his character isn’t up to me, it’s up to them, but at least it’s a clean slate, and now I have a wife, I know we’re beginning more storyline with Cane and Tucker, therefore I have business again, and the babies [have arrived]. So that puts Cane in a strong position to develop a full-fledged, multi-dimensional character again. That only leaves the deportation issue to resolve. I found it interesting that when Lily and Cane discussed her will, he told her if she doesn’t live, he would prefer to take the babies to Australia [he’d be deported] and raise them on his own, yet he’s supposed to be in imminent danger from the cattle rustlers, and neither Cane nor Lily mentioned the babies’ safety in the conversation. It makes you wonder where the writers are going.

Daniel: It does make you wonder where they’re going. The trackability of points in storyline is difficult, so it’s hard to see where things will go, but at the same time, we can look at it from the other side of it. Let’s say it’s an intentional piece of dialogue from the writers, not just a slip, it makes you wonder what motivations are there, and what lies ahead. We’re assuming that Lily will get better, but really, we don’t actually know at this point. If something did happen to Lily, is there any other female character on the canvas who you could imagine Cane turning to for comfort?

Daniel: I’ve always wanted to work with Sharon. I’m very sad for Sharon Case that she didn’t get a nomination for an Emmy. I thought that she was phenomenal! Yes, and she had a lot of great material last year.

Daniel: If you look at Sharon’s work it’s fabulous! You’ve got this torn woman who’s needing love, loses Jack, goes to Nick, ends up with his brother; it’s a very complicated character she plays and I would like to see her awarded for it. But, you know, congratulations to all the other girls who got one, it always works itself out. But, I’d love to work with Sharon.