Credit: Daniel Goddard (D.Goddard) had the pleasure of speaking to The Young and the Restless‘s awesome Aussie, Daniel Goddard, recently. We dished about his character, Cane Ashby, the storyline, the babies, and lots more! Check it out! Can you give us some insight on what was going through Cane’s mind as he made the decision to bring the lawsuit against Mackenzie (Clementine Ford), knowing that it would be unpopular, and was against Lily’s (Christel Khalil Hensley) wishes?

Daniel: I think the most unpopular choice Cane’s ever made was trying to get custody of Cordelia, which I played with a strong conviction, and I realized it wasn’t a very strong way to play the storyline, so this time around they at least gave me a stance which was morally and ethically accurate. The great thing you have being an actor is experience; when you’re married in real life and have babies in real life, and your character is asked to make a choice [such as Cane’s], you have the experience to call upon. I think for Cane in this aspect, although he had never experienced those things, I understand the necessity, completely, to keep your partner alive. Both my babies had amniocentesis; we did it, so I also understand, going back into the storyline, that the percentage of losing Lily is greater than the percentage of losing a child. As a male, you have to play the odds. Lily said on the stand that the babies weren’t as real to Cane as they were to her at that point. Do you think there is truth to that?

Daniel: I do. I remember with both my babies, predominantly with the first one, [as a male] when your partner is pregnant with the first child it’s such a foreign concept – you can’t emotionally connect with the child because you don’t have the tools. So, at that point, the babies weren’t real to Cane, from that point of view, but at the same time I think most emotionally developed male adults have the ability to understand rationally that the child is coming into the world, so it’s real in that aspect. So, I completely agree with that; that was a great piece of dialogue. The writers made a point of having Billy (Billy Miller) blame Cane for Mac going into early labor, so will they play that point through? Will Cane be experiencing guilt if the preemies don’t thrive?

Daniel: No, I think the way it was structured, that was probably the deepest part of the pool, and from there we reach the continental shelf and the beach that’s beyond. No, I don’t think so. So, it was more a beat in the Billy/Cane relationship.

Daniel: Yeah, exactly.