Restless Rant
Week of June 21 – 25:

It’s a bit of a grumpy rant this week, as once again the uneven storytelling is bugging me on The Young and the Restless. Although it was great to see some storylines moving ahead, other storylines popped up once through the week and then were ignored – this is truly annoying. I swear they used to feature stories about every other day so you didn’t forget what was happening or lose momentum. Here are my notes on the week:

No Heat in Brazil.
This storyline fell flat for me this week, which is unfortunate because it was heavily featured. The scenes weren’t very exciting and were hugely predictable. Even the much anticipated face-to-face with Sharon and Adam didn’t have me sitting up straight and paying attention. I noticed that Adam claimed not to have murdered Richard Hightower or to have caused the explosion at the GCAC, which was a glimpse at where the writers might be going with his character – Redemption Land.

Jill Fenmore?
While I sometimes feel protective of Jill, and am thrilled at the idea of her having a sister, I must admit this took me off-guard and I really don’t know what to make of it yet! I suspect for those hoping for a Jill-Gloria connection, this was a bit of a letdown. It will be interesting to see where this is going. Jess Walton, who does a great job at giving us glimpses of Jill’s vulnerability, brilliantly acted Jill’s shock as she told Lauren the stunning news, and the awkward hug they shared was poignant.

Kevin Scorned!
I enjoyed the Kevin/Jana/Ryder scenes this week. Great actors all of them, and what an emotion-laden situation! Jana, of course, is a completely different woman at this point, but even knowing that I was surprised that her reaction to Kevin letting himself into the room was outrage and not more apologetic. This story has my attention – too bad it was only on one day this week.

New Detective in Town.
While I generally have a hard time caring what happens to either Chance or Heather, now Jeff Branson has been thrown into the mix as the new detective on the case, Ronan Malloy (if you blinked, you missed him). The character made a mixed first impression on me, but seemed like a bit of a bad boy, which will hopefully make this snore of a storyline more watchable.