Restless Rant
Week of June 14 – 18:

It’s a mixed review for The Young and the Restless this week. While I love the renewed focus on passionate encounters, and the Foster family stuff was quite good, much of the other storytelling on offer this week left a little to be desired, and I’m feeling like there’s not enough humor being utilized. Here’s the lowdown:

Love In the Afternoon!
Ya baby! Whoever is writing the love scenes is doing a fine job! This is a big part of what soap operas are about, and it’s nice to have the focus off the dark weird stuff and back on relationships. Daniel and Abby were hot in the pool, Victoria and Billy were smokin’ in the hotel room in Tokyo, and so were Tucker and Ashley – I loved that she didn’t say a word – so intense! Adam and Skye were a tad less thrilling, but it was believable and adds a nice complication to his situation.

Karaoke Nightmare.
I have to remark on the scene with Victoria and Billy doing karaoke because it just bugged me. Not only was it pure cheddar, but also pretty unoriginal, causing instant flashbacks to Mackenzie repeatedly playing that horrid recorded duet that her and Billy sang together in high school. Cringe-inducing! This scene should be archived under ‘Writers Trying Too Hard to Make Couple Seem Fun and Cute’, and never revisited. This pair has natural chemistry – it doesn’t need to be forced.

The Trashy Heiress.
It’s going to be pretty hard to buy into the theory that Abby is pulling all of these stunts because her parents didn’t pay any attention to her growing up, since we were there all along and know that’s not true. So, even though it’s a strong actress in the role, and she has chemistry with the other actors, NuAbby is still lacking something for me. It’s hard to relate to the character, and she somehow seems like a stranger – and not an overly likable one!

Tokyo Tucker.
Ashley and Tucker have turned out to be very attractive as a couple. I was surprised the writers had her cheat on Neil – especially after she went out of her way to stress to Abby that she was with Neil before she left – but there’s not enough of an investment in that couple as we never see them together. I definitely like what I see with Tucker and Ash, and I’m hoping Jill will come into the mix back in Genoa City. It will also be interesting to see if Ashley will ‘fess up to Neil! What’s your opinion on the hook-up? Vote in’s Tucker and Ashley Snap Poll!