Millie Perkins portrayed Rebecca Kaplan for the past few weeks, and now The Young and the Restless recently recast Millie, who portrayed Brad Carlton’s mother, Holocaust survivor,’Rebecca Kaplan’, with Lorna Raver.

Millie Perkins portrayed Rebecca for the past few weeks, but sources tell that although happy with Ms Perkin’s performance, the soap decided to go in a different direction for the role of Rebecca.

You’ll be able to watch Lorna Raver as Rebecca, starting September 19th.

You may have seen Lorna in such television series such as First Watch, Desperate Housewives, ER, and Beverly Hills, 90210, to name a few.

We at would like to wish Millie Perkins well in her future endevors, and we look forward to watching Lorna Raver’s rendition of Rebecca.

UPDATE: 09-13-06 Lorna Raver will begin playing Rebecca, Brad’s mother on 9/19.