In Part I of’s chat with Wilson Bethel, who plays Ryder Callahan on The Young and the Restless, opened up about the challenges of playing Ryder. In Part II, Wilson dishes on his character’s current storyline, and gives a tease about what’s to come! Read on! Many were upset when Ryder drove off with Daisy from the amusement park, assuming he wouldn’t be back. Did you know you would be back at that point?

Wilson: I did. At the time that we were shooting those scenes, where Daisy and I were driving off in the car, they had already scheduled me to shoot a couple days later that month. So I expected that I wasn’t gone for good, although at the time I didn’t know what the next manifestation was going to be. For all I knew it was going to be me in a hotel room in some other city saying goodbye once and for all, you know. One of the biggest draws for viewers has been the Ryder/Kevin relationship as brothers, and it was upsetting to think they were going to drop that.

Wilson: Right! I don’t know what the fan response has been, or will be in the coming weeks or months, [laughs] but I feel like people are going to be pretty salty about the fact that I start, you know, doing my brother’s wife! As an actor, I’m glad to be able to play a flirtier, more romantic angle; I haven’t had the opportunity to do that since I’ve been on the show. And Emily [O’Brien, Jana] is great; she’s really sweet and all that. But it’s hard, because at the same time, I’m forced to abandon what was basically a year-long set up of how much I care about my brother. To be honest with you, as much as it’s fun to take your shirt off and roll around in bed, I also really like being able to bring to the screen other types of meaningful relationships that aren’t so gratuitous, I guess. The Kevin/Michael relationship has been valuable to have on the show, and I think many were hoping for more of that with Kevin and Ryder.

Wilson: Yeah, and I think a lot of that owes to the quality of the acting between Christian [LeBlanc] and Greg [Rikaart] playing Michael and Kevin. And yeah, that’s a hard thing to sell. I feel like there’s a lot to be said about selling good, on screen sexual chemistry, but my God, being able to sell really good fraternal brotherly, sibling, or family-loving chemistry, it’s a hard thing to pull off, and I think those guys do a great job. Hopefully I’ll be able to find that again. It’s hard to see in the future too much with these things, but I hope Kevin is not permanently hating me. [laughs] It’s hard to see how it’s going to come back around! Well, Jana’s not herself right now, [laughs] but that doesn’t really justify Ryder doing it!

Wilson: [laughing] Maybe Kevin will also have an aneurysm and then it will be like all this never happened. Then we can just go back to being good brothers again. How are you rationalizing Ryder doing this [with Jana] right now? Is he just needy at this point?

Wilson: I think that’s part of it, I think that he is definitely someone who needs other people, you know, he needs somebody to lean on. In the absence of having Daisy, or his aunt, or Deacon, when he was the go-to guy, or Kevin, he needs somebody. I think there was something real about his coming back to want to ‘man up’ and take his lumps or whatever, but when Jana kind of presented herself as being a potential crutch for him, I think he didn’t need too much convincing to jump on board with it.