Restless Rant
Week of June 7 – 11:

I’ve enjoyed The Young and the Restless this week, with a few rant-worthy exceptions. It seems as though the writers finally heard the pleas for more love and true-to-life stories in the afternoon, and there has been a new trend toward character-driven relationship struggles, which is great. Some of the lagging stories have heated up a bit, and there is still plenty of drama without the Twilight Zone stuff! Let’s break it down:

Comings and Goings.
The writers still seem to have a few issues with the continuity of stories. While we saw Malcolm this week, we’re still in the dark about why he came to town. Ashley’s relationship with Neil hasn’t been addressed – wouldn’t you think she’d be part of his current life drama? How are we supposed to get interested in an Ashley/Neil/Tucker triangle if we never see Ashley and Neil together at all? Abby blew into town in an overwhelming fashion, and then this week seemed to completely cease to exist. Not that I’m complaining about the breather from the hyper heiress, it’s just the odd shifts in focus that are puzzling.

That Ship Has Sailed.
No, not Shaw’s leaky boat with The Mustache on board, I’m referring to the Phyllis/Nick/Sharon triangle. Many viewers were sick of this triangle a year ago, now it’s hopelessly past the expiry date! Nick flip-flopped one, two, or three too many times in the past, and the mishandling ruined this storyline flat out. The best material this week was Phyllis/Gloria/Jeffrey (welcome back!) and Sharon and Phyllis, who on their own are a hit! Phyllis’s conversation with Nikki foreshadowed the return of the dreaded triangle, however, which is definitely fast-forward material. Please don’t go there.

In a Pickle!
It was a funny start to the week with Vikki and Billy being caught out by their mothers! Also, it was interesting that Victoria showed up at the trailer bearing a jar of pickles. Pair that with the fertility symbol reference of the previous week, and one can only assume Victoria is going to wind up preggers, or that the writers are having a giggle teasing viewers with the idea. So, taking a page from Chloe’s book, Billy overhears that Vikki is heading to Tokyo and shows up at the airport booked on her flight. Hmm…methinks the boy’s got it bad!

A Bomb or a Dud?
This Chloe/Heather/Chance triangle, as most predicted, is a bit of a snooze. NuHeather is not working for me as a hopeless female desperately in need of protection, and the whole concept of Chance having to guard her 24/7 right after he becomes engaged to Chloe just seems a little dumb. The good news is that misery loves company, and Chloe has found someone more than suitable to fill the bill – Kevin! I hope they keep these two as eye-rolling, commiserating pals – I’m not feeling the hook-up vibe – but I love their scenes together!