Restless Rant
Week of May 31 – June 4:

The Young and the Restless turned in another really solid week of storytelling. For me, the true-to-life stories are working beautifully, while the plots still connected to the awful doppelganger tales continue to fall flat. Check it out:

Out of Order!
I don’t know about you people, but seeing Abby get put in her place by the judge was one of the most satisfying scenes of the past few weeks for me. It was also a relief not seeing Abby on screen for a few days this week – I definitely needed a breather from the loud, self-centered character. It’s time to see some vulnerability in this version of Abby, because she’s rapidly becoming highly unlikable.

Married By Accident.
The fallout from Billy and Victoria’s drunken wedding among their exes was, as expected, great viewing. I understood where each of them was coming from, whether or not they were in the right, which made for good emotional drama. Kudos.

If the Trailer’s Rockin’, Don’t Come Knockin’!
I’m right there with my ticket and popcorn for any scene in which someone stands up to Victor, but I’m still having trouble with the concept of him showing up at the trailer, barging in, and demanding that Victoria leave with him. Not only is she way too old for that kind of response, but she’s already married several men he’s heartily disapproved of, and he’s married into the Abbott family himself! Too much water under the bridge! It would be more appropriate for Victor to quietly vow to destroy the marriage – and Billy. That said, it was good fun when Victoria informed her father that she wasn’t going anywhere with him. Billy and Victoria continue to do it for me, though I still pick out the odd line in their dialogue that sounds awkward. Ultimately, their great chemistry makes it work. The twist of the marriage not being legal provided a poignant moment as their flirtatious bubble obviously burst.

Jana Jumble.
The stories connected to the doppelganger plot failed to resonate with me this week. The Jana storyline is on my last nerve. I’m actually starting to wonder if she’s faking, or maybe she’s Daisy with plastic surgery, because in spite of her diagnosis, she seems to be capable of feeling all sorts of emotions, except for love for her husband! I’m over the robotic voice too. Kevin falling apart is always good to watch, thanks to the talents of Greg Rikaart, and I thought it was really interesting that he had commiseration scenes with Chloe – such very different people, but it worked. I was glad Ryder got out of jail, if only because Lauren now claims to be over her fear – thank you! Who could even relate to the Emily/Lauren scenes this week when the premise behind what happened to them is so silly! I love these characters and just want the doppelganger stuff to become a distant, bad memory. Take’s Jana Snap Poll.