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“I open myself up and trust in those feelings that lie quietly in most people. It requires an inordinate amount of focus, because in seeking that truth, you’re lying about the reality.”

In Part II of our exclusive interview with The Young and the Restless veteran Doug Davidson, chats with Doug about his current storyline, favorite Y&R memories over the years and the possibility of a new love triangle between Paul, Nina and Cricket! It’s been an absolute blockbuster year for you and your character Paul Williams. The storyline with Paul and Patty has been at the forefront since last August. When you got the material to work with last year, did you know that it would blow up into something so huge?

Doug: I had absolutely no clue. At that point, I was thinking that Paul’s breakup with Nikki was going to be my emotional beat this year. I was given a scene where Patty reveals in her hotel room that she’s not Mary Jane Benson. I read it and I didn’t really get it at all. I had a hard time identifying what type of reaction it would cause. They had audio playbacks in it and it ended with Paul screaming, “oh God no!” A “no” with a lot of “o’s” at the end. [screams] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! [laughs] [laughs] That’s hilarious!

Doug: I even had my wife Cindy read it because I didn’t know what the heck [the show] was looking for. There wasn’t a lot of dialogue. There was stuff leading up to it where Patty kind of takes control and then finally gets a knife. It’s one thing when you have a normal brother but it’s another thing when your brother is a private investigator and is used to working with law-breakers. I guess I made the assumption somewhere in there that, in the back of my mind, I knew that this woman wasn’t what she was supposed to be. How did you two work that scene out?

Doug: I was lucky enough to be working with an actress like Stacy, who’s just so great. You really get into a scene with her. You hang onto her sleeves and it all goes from there. There was some physicality she had to do that most women have a hard time doing, meaning they’re just not used to doing stunts. Stacy handled all the stunts. She was able to break all the props that were to be broken and not break the ones that weren’t. We just got into the scene and let it fly. At the end of it, it was like, “oh God, what just happened?” But the producers pretty much left it the way it was and I guess that started the ball rolling of that renewed relationship with Paul and Patty. Let’s talk about those emotional scenes that you do. Where do you go as an actor to bring yourself to the rage or tears that you communicate on-screen?

Doug: For me, it’s about the truths. I need to be somewhere that character would be. For this particular scene, it was a “worst-case scenario, realized.” You have to be so open and follow those little wisps of feelings that usually sane people would filter. For me, I open myself up and trust in those feelings that lie quietly in most people. It requires an inordinate amount of focus, because in seeking that truth, you’re lying about the reality. It’s a story. You’re playing pretend with really high stakes. Some of the viewers on our message boards are wondering if and when Paul will ever stop being so consumed by Patty. Realistically, she’s shot Victor, taken Colleen hostage which ultimately led to her death, switched places with Emily and recently even attempted to kill Emily. During the whole Patty/Emily switch, though, Paul made the decision to not have a DNA test conducted. How did you feel about this move? Take us into the mind of Paul Williams and give us some insight as to what he’s thinking.

Doug: I’m going to start right at the DNA test. Before Patty made the switch, she had started pretending that she was Emily. She had already copied Emily’s looks even before she made her return to Genoa City. The fact that Patty was already pretending in the hospital to be Emily, to me, when she finally made the switch, I just wrote it off as, “she tried to kill herself and now she’s going back into thinking she’s Emily.” So it all just seemed genuinely crazy to me. The fact that she wanted me to run a DNA test was kind of silly. So I found that easy to validate.