“In trying to be selfless, there’s still that energy behind you that would like to close the deal.”

Soaps.com recently had the opportunity to sit down with The Young and the Restless star Doug Davidson, who plays the all-around good-guy private investigator, Paul Williams. Read on for Part I of our chat with Doug, where he discusses the nomination process for the Daytime Emmy Awards as well as his reaction to being nominated as this year’s Outstanding Lead Actor.

Soaps.com: First off, congratulations from all of us at Soaps.com on your Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor!

Doug: Thank you! I’m very excited. It’s really a thrill. The entire Membership of the Academy voted on the pre-nominations so I was quite happy and flattered to realize that I had the support of my fellow community.

Soaps.com: For those who aren’t quite sure about the whole Emmy process, can you tell us a bit about how pre-nominations and nominations work?

Doug: When you’re pre-nominated, they have a list of everybody and every category they’ve submitted themselves in. All your lead actors go in one category, your lead actresses in another, all the way down to younger lead actor and actress. This year, the entire list of all those names went out to the Membership of the Academy and you were able to vote for whoever you felt was worthy. From that list, they picked two nominees in each category from each show. These individuals were then able to submit one show on a disc that went out to the judges. I think we have 22 judges on a blue-ribbon panel that look at all the reels. They label the reels 1-5 and that determines the nominees. This year, there’s no other vote, so the number one vote-getter is the one that receives the Emmy award.

Soaps.com: So the process changes often?

Doug: It really does. It’s a difficult process to determine who is better than somebody else. What it really comes down to is the kind of year you’ve had. The people who are on the panels are supposed to be in touch with most of the shows. It should be an informed panel of judges. Then they take their personal opinion and say, “the performance in this episode, in my opinion, was the best one.”

Soaps.com: How do you decide what goes on the reel that you submit?

Doug: The face of daytime has changed quite a bit. We used to be able to submit two shows, but now it’s just one. But the structure of our shows has changed dramatically, too. The scenes are shorter, there are more characters in every episode and there are group scenes. It’s really harder to choose than you would think. The untrained eyes think, “oh you had a great year!” But then when you have to pick one show that has a definitive moment that exemplifies the kind of work you’ve been doing, it’s harder than it seems. I mean, sometimes you have a standalone show. Christian (LeBlanc, Michael Baldwin, Y&R) had one last year, and this year Billy (Miller, Billy Abbott, Y&R) got one. Those are no-brainers.

Soaps.com: And for the rest of the community?

Doug: For the rest of the community, you’ve got to kind of time it right. An episode that Stacy (Haiduk, Patty Williams, Y&R) picked was the culmination of her story but probably didn’t show all the levels that she could play. Consequently, she wasn’t nominated. And in my opinion, she should be! Or someone like Eileen Davidson who had a great year but didn’t make it to the pre-noms. It’s hard to explain but people are overlooked all the time. It’s a definitely flawed process but when you’re on the receiving end that I have been blessed to be on this year, it feels great! [laughs]