Restless Rant
Week of May 24 – 28:

Hey! I’ve been enjoying The Young and the Restless for the most part this week! Lots of love in the afternoon, and a good balance of storytelling. Naturally, there is still plenty to rant about, so here it goes!

Falsified Fit.
Lauren’s reaction to seeing Ryder in the coffee house didn’t ring true to me. She is too tough to throw hissy fits and hide behind Michael. She didn’t behave like this all through her ordeal, or afterward, as she tried to be there for Jana in the hospital. It just doesn’t feel right. Neither does Jana’s Selective Emotion Disorder, but I covered that last week. While the one thing I do enjoy is Jana’s connection with Ryder, it’s not because I want to see them become involved. I’m far too invested in Ryder and Kevin’s relationship as brothers to want to see that happen.

Abby Mania!
So Abby was aged, recast, her agenda exposed, and she is now dominating the canvas, while we’re still waiting to find out what NuMalcolm’s up to! There’s no question of being entertained by NuAbby, or the talented actress playing her, but some are telling me it’s too much, too soon, and that they find her annoying. Personally, I love that her storyline is stirring things up for so many others, but for me she’s like Gloria – she’s such an over-the-top character, that a little goes a long way. (Speaking of Gloria – I miss her and Jeffrey’s bawdy humor – give ’em some scenes!) As for Abby’s reality show, why is everyone so worried about it? Maybe I’m not getting it, but like Jack said to her, she can’t air footage of any of her family members without their permission, so it wouldn’t be much of a show with just her!

Lily’s Long Goodbye.
As I mentioned last week, the threat of a legal and emotional battle is the only compelling thing these days connected to this storyline. It’s an interesting dilemma to consider, because while I can absolutely see where Cane is coming from, and understand his desperation, the idea of him trying to dictate to Lily and Mac what should happen with the pregnancy doesn’t sit well with me. I went back through the old updates to read the one where Mac signed the surrogacy contract with Lily and Cane. The babies become legally theirs once they leave Mac’s womb – so Cane could have more of an uphill slog than he realizes. As for Lily’s goodbye gathering, I was bored silly. The farewell outside the door between Lily and Cane was the only part worth watching. Daniel Goddard does heart-wrenching very well.

That Face!
Because I’m such a fan of Stacy Haiduk’s work, I’m hoping Emily will find a niche in Genoa City, but I’m not sure it should be with Jack. I was a fan of their romance initially, but after all that has happened, right back to the Mary Jane Benson time, I can’t help but question Jack still wanting to be with someone who has that face! I mean, how realistic is that? And why does he seem fine and dandy – shouldn’t he be traumatized to some degree? He’s behaving like all that’s transpired is just another day in the life… I guess if you’re Jack Abbott, maybe it is!