Soap Actors Dish on The Future of Soaps. recently asked Daytime stars for their thoughts on what the future of soap operas holds. They’ve interviewed Y&R’s Amelia Heinle and have had a one on one with Days of our Lives’s James Scott.

We’ve have spoken with The Bold and the Beautiful’s Ashley Jones, and chatted up Linda Dano, General Hospital’s Matthew Borlenghi, and OLTL’s Tuc Watkins.

With Passions and Guiding Light already off the air and As the World Turns slotted for cancellation, we wonder what that means for the future of soaps.

Candace Young spoke with Sean Kanan, (Deacon, The Young and The Restless) about this in a recent interview. What are your thoughts on the future of soap operas? Where do you see them in five years?

Sean: Television is a business. As long as soaps are able to generate advertising income then they will continue. Once they cease to function as viable sales vehicles for commercials then they will cease to exist.

Candace expressed her own thoughts on what’s to come for the industry. Upon reflection, it was amazing, and a little discomfiting; to realize that over the years I’ve watched every single one of the soaps at one time or another. I began watching soap operas as a youngster at my grandparents’ house, where high profile soap characters, such as Victor Newman, are discussed and referred to knowingly like eccentric far-flung family members. I have distant memories of “Edge of Night,” and “Search for Tomorrow,” but the first soap I got serious about was “Ryan’s Hope.” I watched various soaps up to the time when I joined, and always kept up a vague knowledge of those I didn’t watch. Since working in the industry, I watch the soaps I write for each day, and keep in the loop on several others. If I were to leave I would still follow “Y&R,” and maybe one or two others. Although there has been widespread speculation that soaps may be on their way out altogether after several cancellations, I think the soap opera will always have a place in Daytime television. Soaps are unique in the way characters come into viewers’ homes day after day, which inspires a deep loyalty. I feel more soaps may be cancelled as the industry continues to adjust, but new ones will spring up online, and the few with the strongest ratings will survive on television.