Soap Actors Dish on The Future of Soaps! as well as our readers have pondered about the longevity of soap operas after the industry lost first Passions, and then Guiding Light. With the imminent departure of As the World Turns, this September, we wonder where the soap opera genre is headed. Soaps have lasted far longer than any Primetime show has, but how much longer will this last? journalist Mario Rocchetta spoke with The Young and The Restless’ Amelia Heinle (Victoria) on her thoughts on the fate of soaps. Look ahead to the next five years. Where do you see the soap opera genre headed?

Amelia: That’s a very good question. I don’t know, but I see it changing! A lot of soaps are ending, sadly. It’s a separate entity from any other kind of entertainment. It’s sad to see some of these shows go and I hope that ours sticks around for a lot longer. But who knows? Especially with television, with reality and all that stuff. It’s all changing. It would be fun if they made Y&R a nighttime show. I think they almost did once! I don’t think I knew that!

Amelia: I heard the show used to have, like, 12 million viewers or more in America. Then after the OJ Simpson trial was on, the ratings went down and everybody lost interest. But if we have the quality of time to put into it, and the money, I think it would make for something neat. Like a “Knott’s Landing,” or “Falcon Crest!” That’s sort of just a pipe dream, though. I think that probably won’t happen. Do you watch any of the soaps?

Amelia: Not anymore! [laughs] If you had to watch one, which soap would be your favorite?

Amelia: Let me see … that crazy one’s off the air, huh? [laughs] Nah, I probably wouldn’t watch that one. I think that I would watch Y&R. [laughs] Of course you would!

Amelia: Not because I’m on it, though! [laughs] I think it’s definitely the best soap opera on television right now. It’s number one. And you know, for all the time limits and money constraints that we have right now, everybody works really hard to make it still look good.