Restless Rant
Week of May 17 – 21:

I’m enjoying The Young and the Restless right now. Sure there are some dull parts, but overall I’m appreciating the real-life drama much more than I did the outlandish storylines. Here’s how the week looked from this end:

Bictoria Over-reaction.
While anything that gets under Victor’s skin is good for a giggle, the reality is that this whole over-reaction to Billy and Victoria is rather silly. First of all, Billy and Vikki are adults, not teens. Second, Victor has married an Abbott himself – more than once – and his daughter is part Abbott, so there goes his credibility! Third, Victoria married Victor’s nemesis, Brad Carlton, so they’ve already fought this battle; in fact, I think they had the same issues over Ryan McNeil, so it’s old news. Four, Jack’s reaction – to tell Billy to ‘grow up already’ – was more than a bit hypocritical coming from a guy who is still working the sandbox mentality in his own dealings with Victor! Another beef this week – having Billy turn into a besotted, jabbering idiot over someone like Victoria is not believable. It was much more fun when Billy was still behaving like himself.

Victor’s Female Problems!
Wow, has Victor had his hands full with the women in his life or what? Nikki’s ticked that he lost Victoria custody of Reed, Victoria’s told him twice now to stay out of her business, Abby has reached new heights of talking back, Ashley took him to task on his parenting (buying a horse doesn’t count!), and Phyllis told him to ‘forget it’ when he suggested she not interfere in Nick’s case! Hehe. Thank goodness for Sharon who needed a shoulder to cry on, otherwise The Mustache might think he was in the Twilight Zone! No wonder he was so quick to volunteer to leave town and check things out in Kansas! The good news is that he hasn’t lost his touch – he was obviously behind the attack by Frank, and successfully secured Nick’s release on bail. Speaking of Victor, the hilarious moment of the week was when he listened to Abby’s reality television idea and remarked amicably, “Really?! No kidding?!” Then growled, “It ain’t gonna’ happen!

Jack in the Back…
Poor ol’ Smilin’ Jack can’t catch a break! He isn’t allowed to work at Jabot, and Emily won’t give him the time of day. Speaking of Emily, her new ‘do makes her look like Peg Bundy – yike!

The Naked Heiress!
Love her or hate her, NuAbby certainly made a splash in Genoa City this week! I’m excited because the actress, Marcy Rylan, is entertaining and worth-watching. The character, however, I’m on the fence about, since I’m not a huge fan of rich, spoiled brats. On the plus side, her energy is fantastic, and I love a girl with a ‘tude! It’s obvious that they’re going to hook her up with Daniel after the big stink between them at the coffee house, so that might be worth watching. I’m all in as long as she isn’t written like a cartoon personality and has some depth. Speaking of Abby, she is the embodiment of what JT fears for Reed – a spoiled, entitled, walking nightmare! He could use her in court as evidence!