Restless Rant
Week of May 10 – 14:

It was a solid week surrounding The Young and the Restless, as we witnessed what appears to be the wrap up of the Patty/Emily saga and saw a return to drama more rooted in reality. There was also the Daytime Emmy Nominations news to cheer about! Here’s what stood out for me:

Winters Family Wing Ding!
I love good family drama, and this storyline delivered that this week! It was interesting to see the family members align on either side of the stem cell trial issue, and I like that they threw Mac’s tension into the mix. That said, I was a little surprised Lily was so resolute about her choice given the dire circumstances she is in. Also surprising were the stances of Neil and Malcolm. Knowing these two, I would totally have thought it would be Neil wanting to save his daughter’s life at all costs, and Malcolm defending her right to choose. I felt it was really out of character for Neil to defend any decision that might result in Lily dying. Anyway, the ferocious argument between Neil and Mal was quite entertaining, and a nice showcase of the acting skills of all concerned – made viewers feel they were in the middle of a true family dispute! Kudos.

Partner Swap!
For some reason, I just twigged this week that what Billy/Vikki/JT/Mac have going on amounts to a partner swap. I’m not sure what this means to me yet, so I’ll leave it as an observation for now. In any case, I like how JT and Mac have evolved – she actually has a bit of chemistry with him, and the scenario also makes her a little more interesting as a character, since she can’t be so judge-y of others now. Thumbs up!

Very Drunk and Very Married!
I didn’t see the Billy/Vikki wedding coming until I was already in the episode – love that little bit of surprise! So, here’s where I stand on this pairing. I like that they are from warring families – very Romeo and Juliet – and I think they are good fun together. However, some of their dialogue is irritatingly contrived, and ultimately, I still see more natural chemistry between Billy and Chloe. What with Chloe making a booty call just as Billy said, “I do” to Vikki, I’m expecting things to get very entertaining very soon! Great stuff! Can’t wait! Vote in’s Billy Weds Vikki Snap Poll.

Take a Chance on…Heather?
Is anyone else seeing a set up for a Chance/Heather union? I don’t even know what to say about that – they are currently two of the driest characters on the show, so… nope, no words.

Jack Gets a Clue, and Loses a Wife?
Poor Jack, just as he finally gets wise to Patty and it all blows up, Emily informs him she won’t be coming back to the Abbott Mansion. Annoyingly, we were left hanging after that, with no idea as to whether she is leaving Genoa City or what. I hope they keep Stacy Haiduk around as Emily – she’s too good to let go. By the way, Peter Bergman and Doug Davidson showed us, once again this week, why they are up for Daytime Emmys. It was odd that Stacy didn’t get the nod in the Supporting Actress category – bit of a mystery there, but she has plenty of material for next year!