Restless Rant
Week of May 3 – 7:

It was a pretty action-packed week on The Young and the Restless, which I always enjoy, but the writers continued to play fast and loose with reality in many instances. A commercial for “The Twilight Zone” came on while I was watching on Thursday (true!), and I chuckled at how appropriate it seemed. What with the silver chipmunk, Adam’s story, and the clones, the show has been more like Twilight Zone than Y&R for quite some time! Anyway, forward we march – here are some of the observations I made this week:

Simply Fabulous.
Has anyone else noticed how Katherine and Murphy, even though they are not currently in a front-burner storyline, actually enhance the heck out of any scene they happen to be in?! The one-liners when Kevin asked them to ‘Ouija’ with him were fantastic, the whole ‘Murphy-rides-to-the-rescue-with-a-helicopter’ concept was awesome, and the goodbye scenes between Katherine and Amber were heartbreaking. I just love this pair!

Not So Smilin’ Jack.
Although he was angry, I found Jack’s demeanor with the whole Patty reveal just a little too matter-of-fact for my liking. Wouldn’t he be, I don’t know, positively horror-struck to learn he’d been sleeping with the psychopath who killed Colleen all of these months?! His stolid determination to get proof and report in with Paul was very admirable, but I was disappointed not to see more of a dramatic reaction. What did you think? Vote in’s Jack’s Reaction Snap Poll!

Oops, She Did It Again!
Patty, of course… Do they have NO staff in this sanitarium? Do they have so many deaths that no one raises an eyebrow at the appearance of a Jane Doe in the morgue? Does Jack not think it odd that Emily has freshly dyed blonde hair with no dark roots after months in the bin? Make it stop! Of course, none of us really believe Emily is really dead, so it could be entertaining if she wakes up with the coroner holding that whirring cutting tool over her! If I were Emily, I’m not sure I would want anything more to do with Jack after this…

Ding, Dong, The Witch is Dead!
Much to the glee of the majority of Y&R viewers, one doppelganger (and her storyline) finally bit the dust this week when Sara’s reign of terror came to an end. There were just so many things in this story that didn’t make sense. For example, Ryder finally decides to let Jana and Lauren free, but the keys are gone – how did these people get keys to this old abandoned zoo in the first place? Sara inexplicably has Daisy change Lauren into an outfit to match hers – did she know they were going to have a showdown in the house of mirrors? The amusement park is supposed to have been abandoned for years and years – yet everything still lights up, plays music, and operates normally at the touch of a button?! Sara aims her gun at Kevin on the carousel, then instead of shooting, stands there and waits while he listens to Jana tell him she’s not really Lauren, and gives him time to get down and hide?! Yeesh! That said, I did get a kick out of the demented clown voice manically asking, “Which One Am I?” In other storyline-related observations, I loathe that they spent so much effort making us sympathetic toward Ryder and then didn’t keep him on canvas, I dislike that there were no repercussions for Daisy, not even a punch in the face from Amber, for all that she did to people – does anyone even know yet that it was Daisy who set Sharon’s house on fire? Irksome details… The good news is that I was able to appreciate the acting in this story, which is still what sets Y&R apart.