Restless Rant
Week of March 22 – 26:

The Young and the Restless pleased me for the most part this week, and I’ll tell you why – even the stories that are dragging on had some not-to-be-missed moments. Yes, it was a busy week in Genoa City – check it out!

Soap Justice
The Cane and Lily drama was fairly interesting, although it has left viewers feeling like Cane is a dolt for running in the first place. The other issue: why would Lily declare her intent to go to Australia with Cane when the ‘must-have’ babies are in Genoa City? So, in a soapy judicial decision, Cane is allowed to stay in GC as long as his wife has cancer. To me, this means she will soon go into remission, so what then? Will Lily and Cane leave the country, or will they ask someone (Aunt Liv) to falsify documents to hide the fact that she’s better?

Patty Melt
Another example of why Stacy Haiduk is such a great actress – you can see Patty’s mental decline happening, though it’s subtle, and the differences between Patty, Emily, and Patty in Dr. Peterson mode are clear to viewers, yet it’s believable that the people Patty and Emily interact with don’t notice – well, until Jack and Adam this week. This story definitely stretches the boundaries of credibility to the extremes, and there is no question we’re all sick of Patty talking to herself (and to Emily’s portrait), but there’s also no denying there have been some fantastic moments and twists along the way! How scary is it that Adam figures out her ruse first? He will most certainly use this to his advantage! See next comment…

That’s Adam, who against all odds, still hasn’t been properly implicated for any of his crimes. Now that he’s onto Patty, he’ll likely come up with a way to slither out of trouble, or out of town. I’m wondering if Adam will be a Sheila-like character who pops up every so often to terrorize Genoa City residents…

No Escape Clause
Speaking of Sheila, the dark-haired woman who barked at poor, downtrodden Ryder to lock Jana up in the box, certainly didn’t sound like her! There was dark hair, but as we know with this story, not much is as it seems. I do wish they’d get on with this storyline, but that said, some of the moments this week were great – the emotional tug-of-war between Jana and Ryder is compelling, and the ‘Jana passageway escape’ was a change from the usual – very spooky stuff, folks!

I Have To Go
Those were Michael’s words after the ultra-humiliating scene at the Ranch where the photos turned up unexpectedly. How awful for him! What followed, however, were some of the best scenes of the week, as Lauren, Paul, and Michael struggled to face up to, and make sense of, what had happened. How absolutely refreshing was it that Michael chose to believe his wife and not fly off the handle and run amok for weeks on end over this! Loved that choice, writers!

That Girl is Poison
Although I found it a little too pat that Lauren and Michael figured out the whole poisoning scenario in the space of about a half hour, I was relieved to have this mess with Daisy move along finally! If they drag this out by having Lauren and Michael believe Daisy’s tearful claims of innocence, though, I’m afraid I will start pulling out my hair! Oh, and once again, Daisy quickly threw Ryder under the bus when the heat was on – nasty little piece of work!

Hospital Drama
The scenes surrounding Phyllis being hospitalized were pretty good this week. From Daniel calling out Thick Nick, to Amber and Phyllis’s exchange – you can go back to hating me when you’re better – to Jack confiding in Phyllis at week’s end, prompting Patty’s inner bunny boiler to flare up, it was interesting. I liked that Nikki visited, but thought it was strange that Sharon went to the hospital the night of the accident, and that Ashley showed up offering to do an on-the-spot DNA test – just a tad too convenient, but then again, the scene that followed between Sharon and Adam was well worth suspending disbelief – Sharon Case (Sharon) and Michael Muhney (Adam) play very well with each other!