Restless Rant
Week of March 15 – 17:

The dramatic climax of the Adam storyline last Friday gave this week’s episodes a low-key feel. The Young and the Restless definitely gave us a few surprises this week, however. Here’s how it looked from this end:

The Morning After: There was a weird hangover effect after the huge reveal of Dr. Taylor’s letter and its implications at the cabin. Aside from his attempt to cajole Heather, Adam was uncharacteristically complacent this week – no escape attempts from the hospital, no blackmailing the staff, etc. Ashley gave us a jolt when it looked like she might run and/or go off the deep end, but that quietly ended when, out-of-the-blue, the suddenly-social and oddly-friendly Tucker talked her down off the ledge, so to speak. Everyone else involved in the Adam mess seemed to be in a sort of daze, which was a real contrast to the palpable rage shown toward Adam at the cabin. The bad news is that the spotlight is back on the Sharon/Nick/Phyllis flip-flop debacle. Words cannot express how much I do not want to go there again.

Cassie/Sharon: A nice, brief moment – Cassie sure grew up gorgeous in heaven!

JT/Victoria: I had a beef this week with the way they wrote JT. I dislike it when they twist a character’s personality out of whack to suit a storyline. JT reacted very unlike himself when Vikki told him about the Adam/cabin scenario. The JT we know would have empathized with Ashley, Sharon and the others, not reacted completely out-of-character and defended Adam! He also isn’t the type of person to try to keep a child from its mother – he never has been – so this sudden personality transplant seems bogus. Having him stand up to Victor is something viewers find believable, and enjoy, and asking Victoria for shared custody would be typical of this devoted dad, but suing for full custody and cutting Victoria out of Reed’s life – not buying it! Perhaps they are writing JT in a bad light to garner sympathy for the sometimes unpopular Victoria, but it takes all of the reality out of the story for me – too bad.

Billy/Victoria: Not really grabbing me as a potential big love match, although the boxer shorts thing is cute.

Daniel the Constant Companion: After barely interacting for the past couple of years, this week Daniel suddenly began popping up everywhere that Lily went! While I like the writers changing up who people interact with, it was a little odd. Makes you wonder where the story is going – especially with Adrienne Frantz’s (Amber Moore Romalotti) announcement this week!

Cane’s Mad Dash: This was just one of those maddening moments where you roll your eyes or shake your head. How stupid is it for Cane to escape and get himself in more hot water – it doesn’t make a bit of sense. It’s not like he can show up at home, or at the hospital, or be with Lily to ‘support’ her, because the authorities would nab him. So what’s the point?

Luck O’ the Lauren: Well, it was kind of lucky that Kevin found the photos of her and Paul instead of Michael, but in the end it didn’t matter because she realized she will have to tell her husband anyway. The acting remains the high point of this storyline, which isn’t getting raves for its snail-like pace.

Jill/Katherine: I really appreciated the warm moment written in for them this week – they really do operate like mother and daughter, so it’s nice after all the misunderstandings to have that acknowledged. Warm fuzzies!