Restless Rant
Week of March 8 – 12:

As the walls came tumbling down around Adam this week on The Young and the Restless viewers were treated to some absolutely magnificent soap opera drama. The burning question now is, was it all worth it? Whatever your opinion on the length of the story arcs, there is no doubt that it was an unforgettable week! Here’s a look at what happened:

Lazy Daisy: I guess having both Jana and Lauren to worry about is just too much – even for a consummate schemer like Daisy. Either that or she got lazy, because she finally slipped up! Poor Kevin is still too riled to think straight, but surely it will occur to someone very soon that Jana could not have known about the $50,000 reward Kevin was offering unless someone overheard him placing the ad and told her about it – because the ad wouldn’t have run yet at the time she phoned him! Will this be the undoing of Daisy and Mama Bear’s grand plan? I sure hope so, because I can hardly ‘bear’ to have this go on much longer!

Loose Lauren: The scenes with Lauren and Paul gave me the ‘ick’. I suppose that’s what they were supposed to do, but I just felt uncomfortable having the integrities of these characters messed with like that. Like Paul doesn’t have enough to worry about! Obviously, the marriage of Michael and Lauren is due for a shake-up, but I hope it’s just a tremor – I like the fact that there is one enduring couple on the show!

It almost looked like Victoria was going to take a step toward reconciliation with JT after he defended her so gallantly to his lawyer – until she saw him with Mac. After that, she went back to daydreaming about Billy, and now the divorce is bound to be all out war! Team JT!

Gone With the Wind: This week’s installment of Cane and Lily’s story was like one of those melodramatic old black and white movies they’re so keen on – Cane valiantly vowing to break free from his captors to rush to Lily’s side if she is still sick, and Lily sobbing as she makes the ultimate sacrifice – lying to Cane to save him from himself, while vowing to battle the cancer without him until he can one day return to her side forever. Crikey! I must say that the scenes with Daniel and Lily were good though – it was nice to see them interact, as it was a change from the usual. Also appreciated was the comedic duo of Amber and Chloe rallying to Cane’s cause, which provided some much needed levity!

Restless Reveals: Genoa City’s ‘style’ magazine is going to have to change its moniker if this expose trend keeps up! I thought it was amazingly curious timing how that magazine fell into Tucker’s hands the very minute he and Kay signed those papers – how did Jill even know where they were? Things that make you go hmmm… It almost made you wonder if Kay and Jill were working together, yet as far as we know, they weren’t… Maybe it’s true what Jill said – they’re just that much alike! Either way, the growing closeness between Tucker and Katherine has effectively added another layer to this tale, so that viewers now have more of a stake in how things turn out. I like it!