Restless Rant
Week of March 1 – 5:

It’s amazing to me that while there are some really exciting things going on with The Young and the Restless right now, there are still so many things driving me crazy. The dragged out storylines would have to be the top beef of the week, but the ridiculous factor is spiking again too. Here are this week’s talking points:

Dirty Diane: The week got off to a great start with the war of words between Diane and Phyllis – loved this! It was one zinger after another as the two went toe-to-toe – perfection! It was absolutely enhanced by the irony of Patty standing there being lauded as the person responsible for bringing her arch-nemesis – Diane – back into Jack’s life! The writers didn’t miss a beat either – ending the scene with Phyllis telling Emily (Patty) that she must be crazy to have brought Diane to Genoa City – delicious!

Crazy Daisy & Co: I don’t know about you, but when I think about dragged-out storylines, this is the ‘Mama Bear’ of them all! Let’s not forget that this goes all the way back to Daniel being framed in the art scam – how does that even figure in? Does anyone even care anymore? This seems to just be going on and on – how many times do we need to see Daisy put drops into a glass – we get it! With Lauren experiencing all this weird behavior and headaches – why is it that no one but us notices Daisy CONSTANTLY bringing Lauren tea and water?! Come on! As far as the kidnapping of Jana – it was interesting for that one exciting moment in the theater, but has been mostly downhill from there, with the lowest point coming when Daisy told Ryder to feed ‘their pet’ because Mama Bear wants her in good shape. Huh? The good news in this story has been the acting – this week Tracey Bregman has really stood out as Lauren’s drug-related mood swings became more dramatic – brilliant!

Pattycakes: The Patty storyline is such a hard one to comment on – it varies between being wildly entertaining, utterly ridiculous and maddening, and just feeling draggy – it makes me feel as crazy as Patty herself! Of course, Stacy Haiduk continues to do a bang-up job – this actress absolutely deserves an Emmy – but why is it that I can see the differences between Patty and Emily so clearly, but Jack and Paul can’t? Maybe it’s perspective – as a viewer, I know the truth and they don’t, but it still manages to irk me. After Paul disregarded everything Emily said to him in the hospital, and threw out the tissue with the blood on it, I couldn’t help but think that poor ol’ Paul will be kicking his own butt again when it all comes out, but first he’ll have to deal with the fallout from getting drunk and steaming up the bar with his drugged-out ex-flame, very-married Lauren! As I said before, sometimes this storyline is wildly entertaining! Imagine if this comes out – Paul might get a punch in the nose from Michael, and have to deal with Nina all up in his face. Yikes!

Cane Deported: This is a very unfortunate development, and I’ll tell you why – because the way they’ve been writing for the Lily character lately, this deportation is going to lead to weeks of her being depressed and whining about Cane being gone – egad. Speaking of Cane, I really enjoyed his scenes with Billy this week – the two actors bring such intensity to their scenes! I have to admit I was surprised that Cane gave Billy information, though – didn’t see that coming!

Out of Chances: Is anyone else just bored to tears when Chance is on the screen? It’s almost to the point where I wish whoever is after him would just rub him out! Honestly, he’s hot, but they’re not writing for him at all – this mystery surrounding him is a snore – anyone with three IQ points could figure out that Sid Meeks is up to his eyeballs in this whole mess (whatever the whole mess is)! Supposedly, he and Chloe will be taking their relationship to a new level next week – here’s hoping that he’ll finally get lucky – maybe it will light a little fire in him!