Restless Rant
Week of February 22 – 26:

It’s another mixed review for The Young and the Restless this week. Certainly, the show has lots going on – there are no end of things happening to keep a viewer interested right until the last scene, and coming back for more the next day – and there’s plenty to discuss and speculate about, which is great. To my immense frustration, though, I continue to find myself pining for scenes that make me feel big emotions. I yearn for love, passion, triangles, and for the writing to catapult me into a spontaneous outburst of tears or laughter. It’s true, a happy couple can be pretty dull, but I judge a soap opera based on the emotion and feelings it evokes – not the freaky, plot-driven places it can go. Definitely, I’m still noticing viewers out there complaining that the stories drag, and/or that they are ridiculous, and I agree in some instances. Here are the week’s talking points:

Batty Patty: I feel like I’m watching one of those melodramatic, over-the-top, black and white films from decades past whenever Patty stands in the Abbott living room talking to Emily’s book, or the huge portrait of Emily that Jack hung on the wall! Egad! The intent of the imposing portrait became clear pretty quickly – it will be a place for Patty to vent, and to demonstrate to viewers that she still has kitty cats in the attic! By week’s end, Patty had become further unhinged by the appearance of arch-nemesis, Diane, and was preparing to permanently rid herself of her ex-bff, Dr. Pee! How convenient for Patty that Paul did a sudden about-face and summoned her to the hospital (this left me going, “Whaaaaa…?”) This storyline is about as ludicrous as it gets, but the performances of the actors have seen it through another week. Huge kudos to Stacy Haiduk, as I can actually see the differences in the way she portrays each of the characters just through facial expressions.

Jinxed Jana: Up to her eyebrows in it again, our Jana languishes behind bars in what appears to be an old zoo (note the tire swing). Either that or it’s the idyllic backyard of Ryder and Daisy’s childhood home – could go either way. Of course, Jana doesn’t bloody well have the sense not to provoke her captors, and lashes out at Ryder, who is easily her best shot at getting out. She came to her senses toward the end of the scene, though, and played on a hunch that he genuinely cares about Kevin. Although, this storyline has dragged, and Daisy is a huge headache (bahaha), there were definitely good moments this week – Kevin being so distraught is powerful, Ryder struggling with his inner demons (I so hope he steps up), and not to be forgotten, the comic relief (yes!) of dopey Amber and cynical Chloe searching for clues using the Ouija board!

Antsy Adam: Looks like the chicken has flown the coop. Or he’s up to something. I like the way Adam’s downfall is playing out, but the story still feels draggy (as it has ever since he was gaslighting Ashley at the Ranch). Thankfully, someone finally has some real evidence to get the ball rolling. Sharon and Adam’s scenes were just starting to get repetitive (She believes me, she believes me not, let’s leave town, let’s not) when he disappeared, so I’m glad he did. Almost scares you not knowing what he’s up to though – I half expected him to pop up in the storage facility behind Phyllis and Nick! One bonus in the storyline this week was being treated to a couple of scenes with Sharon and Phyllis – more entertaining by a country mile than either of them is with Nick! The good news is that Friday was a good cliffhanger as far as this story is concerned – I hope the momentum continues.

Male Bonding: I wanted to be sure to mention the scene this week between Victor and Tucker as they bonded over feeling – what else – invincible! It struck me as so amusing, and how often do we get to see the Mustache light up and indulge in a knowing belly laugh like that?!