Picture courtesy of Emily O'Brien

Recently I had the pleasure of talking to
The Young and the Restless actress Emily O’Brien about her time on the show playing the fan favorite role of Jana Hawkes! Before we get started, let’s take a look back into the past and revisit one of Genoa City’s biggest jaw droppers as Jana’s past and secrets were revealed…

In Kevin’s car, Jana cries, “I was so afraid I’d never see you again!” She goes on to say she’s in a lot of trouble and begs to Kevin, “If you love me, you’ll come with me!” Kevin is shocked to see Colleen after Jana leads him into the storage room. “We need to get out of here,” Kevin says and tries to lead the girls out. However, Jana pulls out the taser gun and holds them back. “You’re not going anywhere.” She goes on to confess that she staged her own murder and that now she needs to kill Colleen and frame Kevin for Colleen’s murder! “Jana, honey, what are you talking about?” Kevin asks in disbelief. “All I wanted was the inscription,” Jana says. Jana admits to bugging Brad’s house, stealing Vikki’s jewelry, and that the man who helped her is her father. “The code will lead us to billions of dollars worth of treasures.” When Kevin says, “You’re not going to kill anyone, Jana replies, “You’re right, you are!”