Restless Rant
Week of February 8 – 12:

It was definitely an interesting week for The Young and the Restless. There were certainly some dramatic happenings, and thanks to Valentine’s Day we got a tad more romance, but nothing really had me leaping out of my seat overwhelmed with feeling storyline-wise. That being said, some of the acting this week was phenomenal! Let’s break it down:

Tucker Tizzy: Honestly, I don’t know what the writers are doing with this character. The way he treated Jill at the beginning of this week was a complete turnabout from the classy gentleman and lover he had been since they met. It left me wondering if they want us to despise the man! But then there was a scene with Kay and Tucker that seemed to humanize him just a little. This week made me miss the original characterization of Tucker even more…color me confused.

Adam’s Angle: Yes, the leech always has an angle – even when taking his bride on a honeymoon! Adam was obviously feeling the walls closing in and wanted to hightail it out of GC. Too bad he was unsuccessful in convincing Sharon to move to the tropics – now he’ll have to face Ashley’s magical returning memory, and Phyllis and Neil’s determined efforts to bring him down. One thing I appreciate in the way this is unfolding is the ironic timing – Adam’s misdeeds and lies unraveling just as he is finally winning Victor’s trust back. Good deal. Worth noting: I love watching Adam interact with both Phyllis and Billy – characters who he realizes he cannot manipulate!

Jabot Jolt: Great classic scenes between Victor and Jack this week – they always are – but there is something in what Traci says about continuing to focus on this vendetta when Colleen lost her life over it. I think it would be an interesting choice if the writers were to figure in that element when penning the Jack and Victor stuff – let the characters evolve to some degree as a result of that experience.

Glo No-No: I have huge issues with Gloria being pegged by Victor as the Ambassadress of Jabot. Hello! Gloria is not just associated with the tainted face cream – she’s the one who tainted it!! The world knows this! Victor always puts business first – so it would seem that this is a purely emotional decision based on his need to ‘get’ Jack. It seems strange to me that Victor would make a move that could be disastrous for the company he is supposedly protecting for Katherine. I don’t get it – is this just a way to get Gloria into a storyline?

Pouting Princess: Yeah, the scenes between Billy and Victoria in the bar started out interesting, but at some point this week this potential pairing fizzled for me. I don’t really even know what the problem is – maybe it’s too predictable (lovers from rival families), or maybe it’s just that I find Victoria’s personality so off-putting that I quickly tire of seeing her with anyone. Speaking of which…