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Guess we shouldn’t really be surprised. The show is, after all, called The Young and the Restless, not The Smart and the Savvy. But still, we’ve been taken aback by the blind eye that one character in particular has turned to a situation that is all but guaranteed to blow up in her face: Victoria.

We’re led to believe that she’s a chip off the old block, a strategist every bit as ruthless and cunning as Daddy Dearest Victor. But where loverboy Nate is concerned, she’s switched off all her brain cells. She knows that the guy is treacherous. (If he could backstab his own family, he could turn on anybody!) She knows that he’s ambitious. (He practically salivates at the prospect of taking over.) And she knows that he’s unfaithful. (Right, Elena?)

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“You think you’re slick? You’re funny, anyway!”

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Yet Victoria is barreling full-steam ahead with her relationship with the new power player in town, shrugging off protective brother Nick’s warnings, poo-pooing Victor’s concerns and doing her damnedest to ignore the red flags that Nate is always waving. She’s insisted that this isn’t another Ashland debacle in the making. But isn’t it literally identical? She’s gone all in with a cad that she is aware couldn’t keep a promise if he stuck it in his vault.

In the end, Victoria’s attraction to Nate is destined to prove fatal, at least to her career. When he sees the opportunity to make his move, he’s going to seize it. And you can bet that Victor isn’t going to want to hear his daughter say, “I never saw it coming.” We all saw it coming!

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“My darling, you’re still fired.”

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While that would be disastrous in the short run for Victoria, it could be a whole lot of fun in the long run — for viewers, anyway. If Pop removed her from her seat of power, Nick and Adam could vie to take her place. And Victoria could perhaps reinvent herself, realizing that she’s rich and gorgeous and can do anything that she wants. Let her swear off swimming with sharks in the corporate world to return to her old love, art.

Needless to say, while Nate tries futilely to get back in Victoria’s good graces, she’d be falling for a penniless painter on the wrong side of Genoa City. Would she keep him a secret — and therefore safe — from her busybody family? Or would she be confident enough in her new romance to bring him to brunch?

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