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Sally and Nick may be heating up the screen on The Young and the Restless now, but believe it or not, there was a time when folks weren’t sure if the duo would work. And one of those people who viewed the pairing a bit askance was none other than Joshua Morrow!

That wasn’t because of a problem he had with Sally or portrayer Courtney Hope, of course. Instead, the biggest problem the actor had, he told Soap Opera Digest in a recent issue, was with the age difference between Sally and Nick. Mark Grossman and Adam were both closer in age to Sally and Hope, so Morrow could understand those two better, but he struggled with “Nally.”

“I just didn’t want my age to be a problem,” he admitted. But after just a couple of weeks seeing the two characters together, the realized it really wasn’t a problem because their characters just worked.

Nick Sally Y&R

No, Nick, wearing a mask probably won’t hide the age difference — but that’s fine!

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And for Hope, it was never a thing. For one thing, the age gap between Sally and Jack had been much bigger, so this was nothing. For another, the actress has siblings who are both in their early 50s, so Morrow’s age “didn’t even cross my mind.”

At least, it wasn’t a thing until Morrow kept bringing it up! “It’s so funny,” she recalled. “He was like, ‘Hey, kid,’ then after a while I said, ‘Dude, I’m making out with you, so don’t call me that. It’s so freaking weird.’”

Morrow said he was just trying to gauge her “knee-jerk reaction,” but Hope’s never made him feel much older. And that’s “good. I do still act like I’m 23. That’s been something that my wife and mother have complained about me for years.”

Now, of course, they’re both all in. Hope wants nothing but the best for the couple and hopes they’ll “find their way through the chaos and create a bond that’s unshakeable.”

Sally Nick Adam Y&R

It took a little for Morrow to not feel like the odd man out.

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As for Morrow, he told Digest that he, too, wants their characters to stay together “and build a relationship that, despite the fact that nobody except Chloe is rooting for, they don’t care what’s going on around them, as long as they’re together.”

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And that’s sweet enough, but there’s really no getting away from the fact that Sally’s still about to have a child with Adam, so we have a feeling they’re going to have to care, whether they want to or not!

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