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Over the years, Young & Restless leading lady Michelle Stafford has played a whole lotta love scenes. Kinda goes with the territory when playing a heat-seeking missile like Phyllis! There are hospital beds that have gone empty more often than Jack’s ex. But what does the actress think of getting hot and heavy on camera?

Stafford recently had occasion to ask herself that very question after watching Entertainment Tonight’s Young & Restless 50th-anniversary special. “When I was younger, I used to love doing love scenes,” she says in the clip below. “I just loved making out.


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“Now I just go, ‘Oh, gosh, I have to have warning for a love scene,’ and I’m a little more self-conscious,” she continues. “Isn’t it strange? And you would think I would get less self-conscious with age.”

Watching the segment “makes me laugh,” she Instagrammed. “How sweet is Peter [Bergman, Jack]. Love scenes… I love them and hate them.”

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Stafford kisses and tells… about love scenes.

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Stafford’s longtime pal and former Pacific Palisades co-star Finola Hughes — aka Anna on General Hospital — was particularly amused by a shot in which Phyllis was being spritzed with water for a post-nookie scene. “Phyllis doesn’t sweat that much,” Stafford cracked.

“Words to live by,” Hughes chuckled.

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As Phyllis makes her way back to the land of the living, review her whole raucous romantic past in the below photo gallery.