Credit: CBS screenshot (3)

In the Young & Restless preview for the week of May 22, tension aren’t just running high at the Abbott mansion, they’re boiling over. And although Jack gets tipped off by Billy that Ashley might be planning on escalating their family feud by staging a coup, the intel may come too late to do their brother any good.

When Jack confronts Ashley about her treachery, he plays it cucumber cool, issuing a threat of his own. “If you have any intentions of following through with your plans, you will fail miserably,” he vows.

As you’d sorta expect, Ashley shrugs off the tough talk as just that: talk. She also doubled down on her theory that Jack’s fiancée has reduced his brain to mush. “You’ve turned your back on everyone and everything in your life so you can fixate on being Diane’s hero, but it’s not gonna end well!”

The Abbott vs. Abbott war isn’t all we have to look forward to in the week to come, either. The mystery in which Sharon has become enmeshed gets even more intriguing, the show’s latest batch of spoilers hints. First, she fills in Nick on everything that’s been going on. Then she receives a cryptic message. Anyone else sure that what it really means is the imminent return of this man from her past?

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