Y&R's Courtney Hope lights and a mirror
Credit: Nick Sined/JPI

Courtney Hope fans know that the Young & Restless actor has been on a mental health journey for some time now. She’s learned a few lessons and, if we’re being honest, it probably wouldn’t hurt Sally to learn a few of them too!

And Hope hasn’t shied from sharing what she’s learned and speaking out on the importance of mental health, especially on Mental Health Action Day. Depression and anxiety are twin things she’s struggled with off and on for years, she reveals in a conversation with fellow Breaking the Chains Foundation board member Jillian Rose Reed while talking about the importance of mental health.

But that’s just a part of the puzzle, as Hope revealed in an Instagram post in which she discusses one thing she’s learned about love that gets to the heart of an issue many of us likely have.

“I had it backwards for most my life,” Hope begins in the post, going on to explain how many years she spent pushing down who she was and what was best for her own wellbeing in the name of love. It’s something we’ve all probably done at one point or another in our lives as we’ve navigated relationships that may not have been the best for us.

“I wish someone had told me that loving someone so deeply and putting others first is only noble when you are taking care of yourself, as well, in the process,” she shares. “I wish I could’ve seen that breaking myself down to build someone else up isn’t healthy or sustainable. I wish I would’ve learned sooner that by honoring myself first, the right people would ease into my life and expand it instead of shrink it.”

In the end, Hope concludes, “Realizing that the most important relationship I will ever have is with myself, brought me the peace that I was forever seeking.”

Check out the entire post below to find out why Hopes ends it by declaring, “I vow to never lose her again.”

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