Mark Grossman Adam Newman Y&R
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Young & Restless’s Mark Grossman and his character Adam Newman have their good looks in common, but the resemblance ends there… at least when it comes to their hobbies. As most fans know, Grossman is big into motocross, but he’s just revealed a new interest with a photo that left his followers looking for answers. Did he respond? Keep reading…

Wait, does Adam even have hobbies? He certainly loves sparring — verbally, with his family members, that is — and there may have been a few times when he donned boxing gloves to spar with his father, Victor. He definitely loves long walks in the park… or at least encounters in the park, which he’s involved in on the regular. But we haven’t seen him pursuing any other extracurriculars.
Sally, Adam park jog Y&R

No, Adam’s time is totally consumed by thoughts of the baby he’s about to have with Sally, Connor, and more recently, the new empire he has to mold to make it profitable again — McCall Unlimited. He’s definitely got a full plate.

Grossman, however, makes sure that he’s not all work and no play. He indulges in his love of dirt bikes and motocross often, if his Instagram account is anything to go by, and now he has revealed another passion.

Using only emojis as a caption — a microphone and a shoulder shrug — the star shared a photo of himself and two other guys. It’s possible that he could be singing in the snapshot, but the whole thing left his followers with more questions than answers.

One asked, “Is this a new boy band cover album I wasn’t made aware of?” to which the multi-talented actor replied, “Something I’ve been working on for quite a while,” with a thumbs up.

So, is the Young & Restless star in a boy band? Another follower was hoping not. She posted, “Please be metal, please be metal.” Grossman dropped the devil horns emoji as an intriguing, if non-committal, reply.

Now realizing that this band thing was happening, a third follower urged Grossman to “drop that album”. And what do you know? He responded by saying, “It’s coming”!

So, you heard it here first, folks (or on Grossman’s social media) — Young & Restless’ Mark Grossman is in a band and is dropping an album. Is he on lead vocals? That would be our guess! Take a look at his jam fam in the post below.

Look back on photos of Adam Newman through the years in the gallery below.